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Grad Ed FAQ

What Graduate Education degrees are offered?
Master of Education for both initial and professional licensure and Education Specialist (Ed.S.).

Are programs offered for licensure only?
Yes, students who already have a master's degree may be eligible for a Licensure Only program (such as Reading, Math Specialist, ESL or Educational Leadership). In certain licensure/content areas, students who are new to the field of education may be eligible for an Initial license after completing 21 credits–24 credits depending on the program.

Do you offer Professional Development Points (PDPs)?
Yes. Teachers need 150 PDPs every 5 years in order to relicense. One 3-credit graduate course is worth 67.5 PDPs. Taking a graduate course is a quicker way to pick up professional development points than attending workshops, which often only collect 10 PDPs at a time.

How do I get started on my first course?
Simply complete the Grad Ed New Student Form and then register online for your first course. It's really that simple. Feel free to call the Graduate Education Office if you have questions at 978.867.4322. Gordon allows students to take up to 3 courses prior to acceptance to the program.

How can I find out what program is right for me?
Talk to Dr. Janet Arndt, the program director. You can contact her at or 978.867.4814.

Can I be advised on a career path and course selection?
You are encouraged to set up a personal consultation appoint with Dr. Janet Arndt, who will help advise you on course selection and career direction. She is an expert at assessing how your skillset may be best applied. Janet is also an expert in Massachusetts licensure and can help you determine what path is right for you based on your past experience, education and previous licensure.

What is the typical length of the Grad Ed program?
Graduating with a master's degree typically takes 2½ years if attending part-time. Full-time students can finish in 1¼ or 1½  years depending on the program. An Ed.S. degree can take between 1-2 years.  You may take courses at your own pace though, so it's really up to you. Students who already have a master's degree may qualify for a licensure only program, which typically takes 1 year.

What is the average cost of Grad Ed program?
The cost is $350 per credit for Graduate Education classes. Most classes are 3 credits, or $1,050. A 36-credit Master’s degree is $12,600, a 30-credit Ed.S. is $10,500, and a 21-credit Licensure Only is $7,350.

Fees include:
1) $75 administrative fee for each term courses are taken in (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer)
2) $75 one-time nonrefundable application fee
3) $150 graduation fee 
That’s all of the math you need to get to the bottom line.

How many credits do I need to receive my degree?
A Master's degree requires 36–39 credits. An Ed.S. requires 30–31 credits. Licensure Only programs are 21–24 credits.

How do I pay? Can I use a credit card?
Students will be billed at the beginning of each semester by Student Financial Services. Form of payment may be check, cash, or credit card. Payment plans through CASHNet are available per term (either summer/fall or winter/spring)  Student Loans are also available.

Will I be required to take religion classes?
No. Gordon is a nondenominational Christian college that welcomes to its program and graduate courses anyone who desires to study in a Christian atmosphere and is willing to respect Gordon's values and behavioral standards while at class sites. You are simply asked to comply with the behavior standards of Gordon while on its campus or at any other class site, and to respect the underlying assumptions and principles on which they are based.

Is the course schedule flexible for working adults?
Our programs are designed for working adults and all feature the convenience you need to earn your degree while still managing your work and family life. We have Friday night/Saturday courses, night courses, and a full summer program.

Do you offer online courses?
Most of our courses meet on campus unless otherwise noted. We do offer some hybrid courses and are currently expanding our online course offerings. Some targeting training courses, like Wilson Reading System® are fully online.

Can I transfer classes in?
We accept up to three classes (9 credits) if they are applicable to your program. Classes must meet the approval standards of the Massachusetts Department Elementary and Secondary Education.

What do I need to be concerned about with Massachusetts licensure?
Since every student has a unique case, we recommend you talk to Dr. Janet Arndt, our director of Graduate Education, and advisor for graduate students. She knows the state licensure standards very well and can answer all of your questions!

Is Massachusetts' teacher licensure transferable to other states?
Massachusetts has one of the best education systems in the country and participates with every state and the District of Columbia through the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement to accept candidates' state-approved educator preparation program. Other states may require applicants to take additional tests (e.g., CBEST, NTE) or fulfill additional requirements (e.g., a course in the State's history) than those required by Massachusetts. The easiest way to be sure what another State's requirements are for reciprocity is to contact its Department of Education directly.

How do I apply for acceptance?
Gordon College simplifies entry to the Graduate Education program by allowing students to take up to three courses without being formally accepted into the program. This allows students to get started right away, to take courses for professional development, and to try out the field of education without a formal commitment.

To apply for acceptance to the program, click on Apply to Grad Ed and download the application materials on the right. A list of requirements and more detailed instructions are included in each application. Please send all completed materials together in one envelope to the Graduate Education Office. Admissions are on a rolling basis, and there are no deadlines.

How do I get to the Graduate Education Office?
The Graduate Education Office is located in the Jenks Library on Gordon's main campus in Wenham, MA. From Rt. 128 north, take Exit 17 for Grapevine Road. At the end of the exit ramp go left and cross over the bridge (Rt. 128). Count 4 houses on your right, then take an immediate right. Follow the winding road and as you go down the hill, Jenks is the red brick building on your left. Park behind the building and enter on the ground floor level with the parking lot. Go through a double set of doors and take an immediate right through a blue door. The Graduate Education Office is at the end of the corridor.

Where can I find more information?

p: 978.867.4322
f:  978.867.4737
o: Jenks Resource Center, Room 106

Janet Arndt
Director of Graduate Education
p: 978.867.4814

Julie Lenocker
Program Supervisor
p: 978.867.4358

Renie Rich
Assistant Registrar
p: 978.867.4009

Linda Ramsdell
Administrative Assistant
p: 978.867.4322

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