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Welcome to Gordonopoly!

Thank you so much for joining us for Gordonopoly!


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Your career. Your move.

This September, every student can play Gordonopoly and win amazing prizes. You can win a $1,500 Career Scholarship by completing the board and anyone who participates can win prizes including AirPods, speakers, hammocks, hydro flasks, or a reserved parking spot all semester!

How Do I Play?

Gordonopoly this year is easier than ever!

This "board" is designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes. It's easy - go to every station and fulfill each activity or task. You will get a sticker on your board to mark it as completed. 

How Do I Win?

There are two ways to win this year!

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNERS Ten lucky winners who complete the board will be given $300 towards books for next semester! *Prize is given in scholarship form
  • RESIDENCE HALL WINNERS The residence hall with the highest participation rate will win! *Prize will only be given to Gordonopoly participants


If you have participated in the WILD CARD activity in your residence hall, place it in the wild card bubble to get an extra entry into the grand prize with a completed board. 

Complete the Experience Survey on the back of your board to get an extra entry into the Grand Prize raffle.

Preview the board:

Gordonopoly Board

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