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Global Honors Scholars Program Details

Your fully-funded educational experiences as a Global Honors Scholar will include: *

Honors Retreats
Year One, "Setting Your Course" In September you will gather with your cohort for a weekend away from campus to build friendships, worship and prepare mentally and spiritually for the coming year. Each year the retreat includes a signature event such as this year’s team-building sail out of Gloucester harbor on the historic schooner, Adventure

Year Two, “Further Up and Further In” Your Sophomore retreat will reunite you with your cohort to explore the spiritual life of the Christian. Together we will consider and reflect on spiritual practices that encourage your life with God in deeper and fuller ways.

Honors Seminars 
Year One, Fall Semester: The Liberal Arts and Human Flourishing (2 credits). What does it mean to love God with all your mind? Explore the rich history of the liberal arts and their relationship to the concepts of shalom and human flourishing.

Year One, Spring Semester: Global Engagement (2 credits). Explore the religious, social, historical and political issues that shape cultures and begin to build skills that sharpen your ability to engage those cultures effectively.

Year Two, Fall Semester: Honor and Virtue (2 credits). Examine what it means to live a life of honor, as defined by the Scriptures and by the historic Christian traditions and practices known as the virtues. This includes an in-depth exploration of the three theological virtues and the four cardinal virtues as the keys to an embodied life of honor, with emphasis on how these relate to personal identity and vocation. 

Cross-cultural outings: Two to three times a year we will join other cultures in worship and fellowship within the Boston region.

International trip: During your freshman year you will take one international trip that will focus on leadership and service. Possible trips include: a mission trip to places like Guatemala, Nicaragua or India; traveling with the College President to a major city such as Paris, London or Hong Kong; or an expert-guided tour of Israel.

International internship: As a Global Honors Scholar you will be placed in a summer internship with a leading international service organization. You will work overseas for 4-8 weeks and be given significant opportunity to hone your cross-cultural skills and contribute to the goals of the organization with whom you serve. 

Cultural activities in the culture-rich City of Boston and the surrounding area. Outings may include: Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Symphony Orchestra or the North Shore Music Theater’s production of A Christmas Carol.

Renown scholars: Imagine the opportunity to have renowned scholars in your classroom answering your questions and addressing the things that are most on your mind. This past year our students discussed theology with N.T. Wright and explored the research of oncologist Dr. Ken Bishop.  They gained insight into issues of race and class with Harvard’s Charles Bigelow Professor of Education, Nancy Hill, and considered the intersection of faith and the arts with internationally renowned musicians, the Lee Trio.

*All expenses for program events including tickets, training, and travel are paid for by the Global Honors Scholars Program.