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Global Honors Scholars Program Details

As Gordon's flagship four-year scholarship program, The Global Honors Scholars Program is designed to foster creativity, community, cultural exploration and leadership. Read more below to learn what that looks like in practice. 

In order to remain eligible for this scholarship, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA.

In Their Own Words


How has the Global Honors Scholarship Program added to your experience at college?


What makes the Global Honors Scholarship Program so unique?


What would you want a potential applicant to know about the program?


What has been one of your favorite moments in your Global Honors Scholars experience so far?

The small cohort

True friendship is counted among ancient philosophers and the writers of biblical wisdom as an invaluable gift. As a Global Honors Scholar, you will enter your freshman year with 11 other like-minded students who share your strong commitment to Christ, love of learning and desire to have a positive impact on the world. You will study together, travel together, challenge each other, and “spur one another on to good works.”

In addition to the relationship you build with your peers, you will also build one-on-one relationships with program leaders and upper-class Global Honors Scholars. These relationships with experienced guides will help you make a successful transition into college life and support your personal, spiritual and academic growth.

Benjamin Martin

Benjamin Martin ’22

Physics major

"The small size of the Global Honors Program cohort allows both myself and my class to grow in unique ways. We are more than simply classmates brought together by the Global Honors Program, but best friends and—more importantly—brothers and sisters in Christ. Within the cohort, you will be able to have a theological discussion while arguing over the impact of the British Empire in Africa. Having such a quality of discussion in a Christ-centered environment cannot be found anywhere else."

International experience

Detailed photo of the Parthenon

Presidential trip
Following your freshman year, you will take an international trip with President Mike Hammond and the Global Honors staff to a world-class city to experience its culture, cuisine, and unique contributions to Christianity and world history. Last year the Global Honors Scholars traveled to Greece. This year's destination has not yet been announced.

Summer internship
As a Global Honors Scholar, you are required to participate in a summer internship with a leading international Christian service organization over the summer between your sophomore and junior year. You will work overseas for four to six weeks in placements throughout the world.  This opportunity will stretch you immensely as you hone cross-cultural skills and contribute to the goals of the organization with whom you serve.

Cultural and cross-cultural engagement

group of students walking through Boston

The culturally rich city of Boston offers unique opportunities to experience some of the best fine art, performance art, architecture, historical preservation and cutting-edge science. Your cohort will attend events like the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker and view world-famous paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts. You may take historic walks through the city of Boston or visit one of the city's many world-class museums.

Cross-cultural outings
Two to three times a year, we will join Christians from other cultures within the Boston region for worship and fellowship. These may include worship with fellow believers who are Chinese, Brazilian, Russian Orthodox, Ghanaian or Arab.

Honors seminars

Three students in a classroom with their laptops engaged in discussion

Preparing for leadership and service means understanding the relationship between education, culture and character. Global Honors seminars are designed to help you build integrative frameworks that make sense of the complex world and define your roles and obligations within it.

Year one, fall semester
GHI 103, The Liberal Arts and Human Flourishing (4 credits)
A Christian liberal arts education prepares you for more than what you will do; it prepares you for who you will be. In this seminar, you will consider what it means to love God with all your mind and to understand the relationship between a liberal arts education and the concepts of shalom and human flourishing.

Year one, spring semester
GHI 105, Global Engagement (4 credits)
Explore the religious, social, historical and political issues that shape cultures and begin to build skills that sharpen your ability to engage those cultures effectively.

Year two, fall semester
GHI 203, Honor and Virtue (4 credits)
Examine what it means to live a life of honor, as defined by the Scriptures and by the historic Christian traditions and practices known as the virtues. This includes an in-depth exploration of the three theological virtues and the four cardinal virtues as the keys to an embodied life of honor, with emphasis on how these relate to personal identity and vocation.

Year two, spring semester
Leadership Seminar (non-credit)
This bi-monthly gathering with your cohort and program leaders is part of your preparation for your international internship. Topics will include how leadership is defined, the biblical view of power, how character impacts leadership, and how to nurture the personal and spiritual strengths necessary to be an effective leader.

Renown scholars

Imagine the opportunity to have renowned scholars in your classroom answering your questions and addressing the things that are most on your mind. Our students have discussed theology with N.T. Wright and explored the multi-faceted medical work of Dr. Carrie Tibbles. Over the years, Dr. Ivan Satyavrata deepened our understanding of interfaith relationships and the challenges of doing ministry in Kolkata, India while the geneticist Dr. Praveen Sethupathy unpacked the complexities of bioethics over lunch. Current cohorts will have the opportunity to discuss the Christian tradition of virtues and vices with philosopher Dr. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung in their own classroom.

Sydney Johnson

Sydney Johnson ’22

Physics major

"My biggest takeaway from my freshman year in the Global Honors Program has certainly been the relationships built with my tight-knit cohort, wonderful and focused advisors, and the renowned scholars and Gordon faculty I have encountered because of the program. As a part of the program, I got to learn about cross-cultural missions specifically in Calcutta, India from visiting scholar Pastor Ivan Satyavrata and his wife who run a large ministry there. I got to connect with them in the classroom and over a meal. Sheila even shared her contact information with me and invited me to visit and see their BioSand water filtration program in person. Getting to meet and converse with the Satyavratas and other Christian leaders wholly committed to gospel advancement on a global scale has helped to shape my understanding of my own calling to serve the Lord. I am very grateful for the points of connection I have made with wonderful and inspiring people as a part of the Global Honors Program."

Honors Retreats


Year one, "Setting your course" 
In September of your freshman year, you will gather with your cohort and program leaders for a weekend away to prepare mentally and spiritually for the coming year. On beautiful Cape Ann just blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean, you will worship, play and think together about how to chart a course for your college experience. The signature event of this retreat is the team-building sail out of Gloucester harbor on the historic fishing schooner Adventure. This sail will take you out into the northern Atlantic Ocean where you'll experience both the joy and challenge of the sea.

Year two, “Further up and further In”
In the winter of your sophomore year, you will once again gather away from campus with your cohort and program leaders to explore the spiritual life of the Christian. Together we will reflect on spiritual practices that nourish your life with God, and build spiritual depth and resilience. Last year we considered the practice of Sabbath rest. Future topics may include the practice of spiritual disciplines, spiritual friendship, suffering and the role community plays in our lives.

*All expenses for program events including tickets, training and travel are paid for by the Global Honors Scholars Program.

Your Four Year Experience








GHI 103
Liberal Arts and Human Flourishing
(4 credits)

GHI 105
Global Engagement
(4 credits)

GHI 203
Honor and Virtue
(4 credits)

GHI Leadership Seminar

International Internship with a leading Christian Service Organization

BCM 101
Old Testament
(4 credits)

BCM 103
New Testament 
(4 credits)


BCM 308 Theology
(4 credits)


Honors O.T.
Discussion Section

Honors N.T.  
Discussion Section


Honors Theology Discussions Section



Presidential Trip to major Int’l city (end of May)










No requirements*

No requirements*

Departmental Honors – Senior Thesis or project

Departmental Honors – Senior Thesis or project

*Junior year is left open for study abroad

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