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French Courses


The French major consists of 36 credits in intermediate or upper-level courses and LIN 200 Introduction to Linguistics. At least 8 credits of French at the 300/400 level must be successfully completed on the Gordon campus. Majors are required to spend either one or two semesters at an approved program in France or a Francophone country. The junior year is recommended for study abroad.

    Concentration in Francophone Studies

    French majors may elect to complete a concentration in Francophone studies within their program. Requirements for this concentration are:


      Double Major with Middle School or Secondary Education

      Students seeking licensure in French or Spanish at the 5-12 grade level must complete all language and education requirements, including a semester of study overseas. In addition, prior to their senior year students must pass Advanced Writing (FRE 313 or SPN 313) with a minimum B grade as well as the departmental Prepracticum Spoken Language Standard. See language advisor for details.

      Courses that are strongly recommended:

      EDU 300 - Theories of Language Acquisition Credits: 2

      EDU 301 - Methods of Second Language Teaching Credits: 2

      EDU 303 - Teaching English as a Second Language Using Sheltered English Credits: 2