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December 2, 2022

Compete for a spot in our Wood Fellows or James Higginbotham Legacy Fellows programs. In addition to evaluative activities for the program of your choice, you’ll tour campus, worship with our community and enjoy lunch on us!

Visit Highlights:

  • ProfessorMeet previous First-year Fellows cohort members and hear about their experiences
  • clipboardParticipate in an interactive evaluation for the program of your choice 
  • dorm iconGet a taste of residence life by staying overnight with a current student

First-year Fellows Programs Qualifications

Wood and James Higginbotham Legacy Fellows
Submit your Gordon College application by January 3
Submit your Fellows application by February 3

Qualified students will receive an invitation by email with a personal registration link. Contact the Admissions Office ( or 866.464.6736) for more information.

Visitor Resources

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Area Guide
Gordon's guide to the North Shore.

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Directions and Campus Map
Getting to Gordon


On-Campus Housing
Information about staying on campus for prospective students


Prospective Student Transportation
Request transportation to Gordon


Local Accommodations
Places to stay in the area


Visitor FAQs
Commonly asked questions about visiting campus

Have a group of friends—from your youth group or high school—who want to visit Gordon with you? Come as a group! Learn more ➔

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