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Early Christianity Courses

Choose at least 12 credits from the following courses. At least 8 credits should be history courses.

HIS 216 History of Ancient Rome (4 credits)
HIS 291 International Seminar: History of Ancient and Modern
Greek Culture and Christianity in the Aegean (4 credits)
HIS 315 Ancient Belief and the Earliest Christian Church (4 credits)
HIS 344 Medieval Islam and the Middle East (4 credits)
HIS 494 Advanced Seminar: Medieval and Early Modern History (4 credits)
Topics: Spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers,
Art and Spirituality in Late Antiquity, or Manuscripts and Monasteries
HIS 496 Advanced Seminar: Ancient History (2 credits)
Topic: Daily Life, Travel, Trade and Education in the Ancient World
BCM 301 Christian Doctrine (4 credits)
BCM 305 Development of Christian Thought (4 credits)
BCM 371 Early Christianity (4 credits)

Required language (8 credits): Two semesters of one relevant ancient language (Koine Greek, Latin, Syriac)