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Design Studio Concentration

To set yourself apart in today’s design world, you need more than software skills. The design studio concentration starts with a foundation in seeing, doing, touching and making. Using the industry-standard Adobe suite as our software platform, our approach weaves print and screen, analog and digital into a process of creating that is comfortable in a multitude of design-centered fields.

Why study art at Gordon?

Art is integral to our calling as followers of Jesus. We were made by our maker to be makers, and making art brings us closer to the heart of God’s creativity. Why is the natural world overflowing with beauty and aesthetic pleasure? The simple answer is that God cares about beauty and aesthetic pleasure. We believe that art-making is a way of following God, and we seek to emulate God’s way of creating with beauty, purpose and functionality. And because we’re rooted in the Christian liberal arts, we also consider art-making to be essential to broader learning in areas like theology, philosophy, psychology, literature and languages. Plus, Gordon’s location on Boston’s picturesque North Shore offers you exposure to nearby galleries, art colonies and museums (including free access to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston). 

What careers can I pursue with a design studio concentration (art major)?

Art students are creative problem solvers who can think broadly and adapt well—valuable skills for any vocation. You will be prepared for graduate programs, professional programs and diverse careers that apply both your practical and artistic skills, including:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design 
  • UI/UX design 
  • Illustration
  • Product design
  • Character design
  • Independent craftsperson
  • Entrepreneur

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Go the extra mile!

Outside of your fine art studio concentration requirements, you may choose to enhance your learning through:

  • Yearly trips to Boston museums and galleries
  • Yearly trips to NYC museums and galleries
  • Gordon in Orvieto, a rich art centered studio environment
  • Campus and local exhibition opportunities
  • Campus and local internship opportunities in design firms, museums, galleries, architecture firms and workshops
  • A rich departmental culture and community
  • Excellent local professionals and natural resources available for day trips and class outings 
  • Multiple shows throughout the year that bringing regionally important and internationally renowned art and artists in contact with our students.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Christine Gardner
Department Chair
E [email protected]
P 978 867 4397

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