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Clinical Training Program

The Center for Student Counseling and Wellness is pleased to offer training opportunities for both undergraduate, as well as first and second-year graduate-level internships for those seeking a degree in counseling or social work. 


The CSCW is collaborating with our own academic departments on campus to offer credit-based internship opportunities for our undergraduate students exploring a career in mental health.

This placement is a 4-credit internship opportunity at Gordon College in the CSCW, supervised by Heidi Forget, LICSW, Associate Dean of Clinical Education.

1 semester 4 credits = 10 hrs/wk for 12 wks (120 total hrs)

  • Weekly internship seminar, which will include the development of your Learning Contract, internship training, skill development, individual & group supervision, and project consultation.
  • Students will be required to sign a Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement at the beginning of their internship.
  • In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our student body accessing services at the CSCW, interns will meet for the internship seminar in a classroom or setting separate from the Center. Interns will generally be asked not to drop-in to the CSCW during session hours.


  • Junior or Senior standing
  • Minimum cum. GPA of 3.0
  • Psychology or Social Welfare Major, or related major if exploring counseling, mental health/wellness or social justice as part of their vocational trajectory
  • Completion of at least one of the following related courses preferred:
    • PSY 322 Counseling Theory & Practice
    • PSY 246 Psychological Disorders
    • SWL 301 or 401 Helping Theories and Practice
  • Excellent communication, organizational, relational, and collaborative skills
  • Strong empathy and a passion for the mental health and well-being of the student body at GC
  • A desire to learn and come alongside individuals who are struggling in a non-judgmental way

Internship Duties & Responsibilities:

Outreach & Prevention

  • Act as ambassadors for all Awareness, Prevention and Outreach initiatives (ie. Holistic Health Week, manning tables, creative advertising, sidewalk chalk signage, and more).
  • Represent the CSCW at evening programming as a source of referral information for Wellness services or as peer support.

Peer Wellness Coaching 

As part of their required hours interns will be trained as Peer Wellness Coaches and will meet regularly with students on campus who have requested to be paired with a Peer Wellness Coach. 

Topical Psychoeducation Project

Each intern will choose a topic related to mental health/wellness/interpersonal skills/social justice, research the topic, and then create and present the information in a creative way, and to the population on campus that makes sense for their topic (ie. athletic teams, residence halls, open presentation, et al.) These presentations will be recorded and added to the CSCW's library of digital resources. Interns may work alone or in pairs.



Due to the fast-paced, demanding environment of the college setting, interns must be confident in their social skills, their ability to think clearly under pressure, and must feel comfortable with basic therapeutic foundations such as establishing a therapeutic relationship, building rapport and interviewing. Interns must have solid beginning assessment skills, be a strong communicator and be able to work well independently.

  • Must currently be enrolled in an accredited MA in Counseling or MA in Social Work program or higher-level program.
  • Must have at least 1 year of internship or related experience
  • Must submit reference from current internship supervisor

Internship Specifications 

  • Internship program runs when classes are in session (end of Aug. to mid-May) in two 15-wk semesters.
  • Weekly schedule can be flexible, based on needs of intern and availability of office space.
  • Up to 2/3 of direct service hours will be comprised of 1:1 psychotherapy in sessions at the Center for Student Counseling and Wellness.
  • Up to 1/3 of direct service hours will include opportunities for intern to create and provide psychoeducational presentations/trainings/therapeutic groups on mental health topics on campus (dorms, classrooms, RA trainings, etc).


150 total hours
40 hrs of direct service
15 hrs of individual supervision
35 hrs non-direct


600 total hours
40 hrs of individual supervision
30 hrs of group supervision


  • Student will be provided 1 hr/wk of 1:1 clinical supervision with a licensed therapist.
  • Student may attend group supervision with CSCW staff.
  • Student may be given readings/articles/resources of clinical interest or pertaining to current cases and presenting issues in their caseload.

Professional Development

  • Students will be offered any available professional development opportunities that occur for Wellness Center staff during the academic year.
  • Opportunities throughout the year that are hosted by local organizations (ie. Eating Disorder Training at Walden Behavioral Health, NECCUM training).
  • Student may attend educational opportunities/presentations on campus related to mental health topics (ie. convocations, symposiums, special guest speakers on campus).

Graduate Intern Application Process 

Applicants interested in either a first or second-year internship should submit a CV and cover letter to Heidi Forget, LICSW, Associate Dean of Clinical Education via email at .

In order to offer as much flexibility as possible for our interns, we accept new applicants for both fall and spring semesters, allowing students to apply for and begin their internships in either late August or mid-January when each semester begins. We accept applications throughout the year when we have openings available. You will be notified if all training positions have been filled. First-year interns may be invited to return for their 2nd year of clinical internship as well.

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