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Conference Technology

Gordon College provides technology services around campus for events and conferences.

During the conference or event, CTS is available for assistance. Please call 978.867.4500 for support between 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Outside of business hours and on the weekends, please request in advance if you would like a CTS technician on call or present on campus.

CTS Media Rider

The Center for Technology Services (CTS) media department at Gordon College manages and maintains all live events and classroom technology on campus. CTS requires at least one month’s notice (4 weeks) prior to all programs (conferences, events) to receive and review the technology needs of the program. This allows us time to ask questions, get clarifications and appropriately staff the events.

We strongly recommend that the guest organization have a point person for classroom presentation needs and an additional point person for performance spaces (live music) for the program. This simplifies communication between CTS and the program and provides a comprehensive record of what was asked for and promised. Please provide the names, email addresses and phone numbers for these point people. 

We strongly recommend that the program provides a host for each classroom where presentations will take place. For classroom presentations, we ask for at least a two weeks’ notice prior to the event to schedule a 10-15 minute training session for the hosts (or presenters) on the classroom technology. Classroom hosts would be responsible to help the presenters get setup and acclimate to the room. Additionally, workshop presenters should test their technology more than 30 minutes before their presentation starts with their host.

All classrooms on campus have both a VGA and HDMI connection and they each have an adapter for Mini-Displayport/Thunderbolt attached to the HDMI cord and a USB-C connector. The only exception is that the Tavilla Conference Room only has a VGA connection. If the presenter’s laptop requires a connection that is not VGA, HDMI, Mini-Displayport/Thunderbolt, or USB-C, then the presenter is responsible for bringing their own adapters (i.e. some newer MacBooks and Dell laptops only have USB-C connections). Presenters are expected to bring their own computers as Gordon does not provide them.

Events in performance spaces, such as Jenks Gregory Auditorium, KOSC MacDonald Auditorium, and the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel, require CTS staffing to run the technology in the room. However, in Jenks 237 and KOSC 104, there are some instances where CTS staffing is not required based on event needs. Please consult with CTS at least one month (4 weeks) prior to the program taking place in these spaces to determine CTS staffing.

If a group has live music, CTS must be contacted at least one month (4 weeks) in advance to go over the limitations and possibilities for live music in each campus location. Additionally, we require a full list of equipment that the program will be providing. CTS is able to provide some equipment (vocal mics, guitar stands, etc.), but that must be discussed and finalized 1 week prior to the band’s arrival. If the band requires music stands, please include how many will be needed.

For a large band (more than 2 instruments), CTS requires at least one rehearsal prior to the first event. At a minimum, the rehearsal needs to be 3 hours prior to the event, with an hour break worked in for both musicians and CTS technicians.

If you are planning on doing video or audio recordings, please let us know one month (4 weeks) before the program. Not all classrooms are equipped with video or audio recording devices, so communication prior to arrival is important to determine where CTS can and cannot provide audio and visual recordings.

If you would like a CTS technician present, there is an hourly fee. Additionally, some events require a technician. For a CTS summer Technician, it costs $15/hour/technician. There is no charge for a staff technician during normal business hours (8 a.m.–5 p.m.), but outside of normal business hours, it will cost $35/hour for a Staff technician. CTS aims to have the Summer technicians cover the majority of events during the summer, but due to scheduling or demand of technicians, sometimes a Staff technician needs to be present as well.

Guest Wireless Network

For instructions, please visit https://www.gordon.edu/gordonguest.

For any questions, please contact CTS during business hours (8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday) at 978.867.4500. 

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