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Vocation Faculty Fellows

The Career & Connection Institute (CCI) Vocation Faculty Fellows is a program that showcases the great faculty partners on campus who are committed to their student’s career development and readiness.

CCI annually recognizes outstanding faculty who have made significant contributions to their students' professional development. Nominations are submitted by students, and winners are selected for their dedication to help students find resources, guide their career paths, and realize their potential. We thank our winners as well as all those nominated for their work in fostering a career mindset for Gordon students. 

Jonathan Senning

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Student's Recommendation:

"Dr. Senning has encouraged me since I came to Gordon. Whenever I needed support academically, career-wise, or spiritually, he was a great mentor and someone I continue to look up to. In the classes he teaches, he always leaves room in projects for us to use the topic we are studying to explore topics of interest to us. He always goes above and beyond for his students and I am thankful I have had the opportunity to have him as an advisor and professor."

Amy Hughes

Assistant Professor of Theology

Student's Recommendation:

"Dr. Hughes is one of the most inspirational people I have in my life. As a woman in theological scholarship, she has faced many obstacles in her own vocational journey that will likely be very prevalent as I further my studies in the theological field. Dr. Hughes looks at how things are, sees how they should be, and speaks the truth about the gap between the two. Her drive to make God known through the theologians that have spanned the universal church is evident in all she does. Her passion for theology informs her life and inspires me to continue to employ my beliefs to really inform the decisions I am and will be making about my vocation. I see myself following a very similar path as Dr. Hughes, and as a woman in scholarship I am comforted by the fact that Dr. Hughes has experienced much of what I will experience, and she conquered it with grace and love."

Evangeline Cornwell

Assistant Professor of Biology

Student's Recommendation:

"Dr. Cornwell has always been a great inspiration to me in terms of career development. From my first semester at Gordon, she has helped me be aware of the opportunities in the area, advertising the local science Career Fairs, even driving a van of students to them, sending lists of internships for careers in the sciences to apply to, introducing me to alumni and always being available to talk about career prep or long term plans in general."


The Vocation Faculty Fellows nomination program is designed to reward and recognize the faculty members who are helping students find their calling and access resources that will push them towards excellence in their careers. Remember, your nomination can go a long way in recognizing a faculty member who impacted you. Take 2 minutes to nominate a faculty member today! 

Reach out to  with any suggestions, questions, or ideas on how we can further expand the Vocation Faculty Fellow’s impact in the lives of students.  

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