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 Save the Date: Jan 20-21

Calling and Career Conference

January 8–10

The Gordon College Calling and Career Conference seeks to advance your preparation for a life of faithful work, worship, and service through:

  • Discovery of calling and career possibilities
  • Development of professional skills that will equip you for success in the workplace
  • Deepening of strengths and affinities that will be further cultivated through academic, co-curricular, and professional experiences

No matter what year or major, you are welcomed to attend the Calling & Career Conference to explore God’s calling in your life, translate your unique strengths and experiences to the world of work, meet alumni in various fields, develop your resume, polish networking and interview skills, and discern next steps in your professional journeys.

2023 Calling and Career Conference

The Calling and Career Conference provides students with the opportunity to grow in their understanding of God’s calling in work, leadership and service, while also developing practical tools to advance their professional goals and network through alumni engagement.

Sunday, January, 8th: This event will take place in KOSC on campus at 1pm. It will be a casual setting in which students will get to hear alumni personal career stories and then eat a brunch meal with the alumni in their industry. After brunch there will be an opportunity to hear the alumni speak on different panels based on topics which students can choose to engage in.

Monday, January 9th: This day will be a deep dive into workshop-style sessions on topics like elevator pitches, career discernment, mock interviews, and more. Students will gain practical tools for their career success through these workshops and opportunities to practice together, ending the day with an elevator pitch competition with a prize.

Tuesday, January 10th: This day will be a day in which students get to see firsthand what life in their future day-to-day could be like in the various industries. Students will be placed in groups based on industry preference to travel to the alumni's offices from Sunday, in Greater Northshore and Boston. 

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