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Evangeline Cornwell

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Cornwell joined Gordon College in 2014. Her primary research involves understanding molecular signaling pathways leading to airway or gut remodeling in allergic diseases such as inflammatory asthma and eosinophil-driven gastrointestinal disorders. She was selected to participate in the fellowship program, “Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities Part II,” sponsored by SCIO (Scholarship & Christianity in ... more ➔

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Irv Levy

Irvin J. Levy

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Computer Science

Irv joined the Department of Chemistry at Gordon College in 1985. His interests in chemistry are primarily related to the development of educational resources for green chemistry, chemistry that is inherently safer for human health and the environment. Current projects involve the creation of green organic chemistry laboratory experiments, the introduction of toxicology into the chemistry curriculum, and community outreach via green chemistry. ... more ➔

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Craig Story

Craig Story

Professor of Biology
Health Professions Advisor (Premed Advisor)

My research interests have centered around immunology and molecular biology. In graduate school at Brandeis University, I cloned and studied the transporter protein, called FcRn, that carries IgG antibodies across the human placenta under Dr. Neil E. Simister.

Subsequent to my graduate work, new roles the antibody transporter have been discovered—it extends the serum ... more ➔

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