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Evangeline Cornwell

Assistant Professor of Biology

B.A. Philosophy, San Jose State University
B.L.S. Biology, Mary Washington College
M.A. Biology, SUNY New Paltz
Ph.D. Human Physiology/Muscle Biology, Boston Univ

Areas of expertise:


Dr. Cornwell joined Gordon College in 2014. Her primary research involves understanding molecular signaling pathways leading to airway or gut remodeling in allergic diseases such as inflammatory asthma and eosinophil-driven gastrointestinal disorders. She was selected to participate in the fellowship program, “Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities Part II,” sponsored by SCIO (Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford). Her work in the SCIO program focuses on the integration of faith and science, particularly the uniquely Christian perspective on recent developments in medical biotechnology. She serves as Internship Coordinator, liaison to the North Shore Technology Council, and is an advisor to the North Shore student chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).