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Evangeline Cornwell

Assistant Professor of Biology

B.A. Philosophy, San Jose State University
B.L.S. Biology, Mary Washington College
M.A. Biology, SUNY New Paltz
Ph.D. Human Physiology/Muscle Biology, Boston Univ

Areas of expertise:


Dr. Cornwell joined Gordon College in August of 2014. She taught for three years at North Shore Community College in Lynn, MA before returning to school for a Ph.D. Her doctoral research focused on the study of several of the molecular signaling pathways thought to be involved in the regulation of tumor-induced skeletal muscle atrophy. Her masters thesis involved the study of temperature and salinity preferences in the male blue crab, "Callinectes sapidus". Her current research interest is to examine signaling pathways upregulated during ecdysis in crustaceans with the goal of finding ways to increase inter-molt survivorship in wild or farm-raised populations.