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Alumni Awards

Gordon alumni are making an impact for Christ all around the globe in their communities, churches and careers. Each year, a handful of remarkable individuals are honored with awards to recognize their impactful work and faithfulness to Christ. 

A. J. Gordon Missionary Service Award

Given for faithful service and integrity and maintaining a steadfast commitment to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Barbara (Gration) Harbert

2023 Awardee: Jamie Charles ’80B

As the founder of His Hands Support Ministries, Jamie Charles ’80B supports the flourishing of children in 21 countries around the world. His Hands Support Ministries, which Jamie and her husband, Philip Charles ’81B, founded in 2003, partners with local pastors to provide for the basic needs of the children in their communities. Jamie is also the author of But God: Imperfect People Being Shaped into His Hands, which recounts her journey into international ministry work. A Barrington alumna who holds a degree in youth ministries, Jamie and her husband have six children and numerous grandchildren.

2022: Barbara (Gration) Harbert ’76
2021/2020: John Mbiti ’57B
2019: Rich ’92 and Marla ’91 Henderson
2018: Paul ’81 and Lucinda ’79 Bentley
2017: Stephen ’82 and Sharon ’83 Cushing
2016: Deighton and Alice Douglin ’50PBI
2015: Edward Brown ’75
2014: Artis Dixon ’62B
2013: Diane Holzmann ’75
2012: Rachel Simons ’02
2011: Robert and Heidi Winslow ’97
2010: Ernest Komanapalli ’64B and Sudarshan Komanapalli ’88
2009: Herbert Boyd ’52
2008: Alice Childs ’63
2007: Alberta Simms ’43 and Matha Simms ’59
2006: Marcia Duncan ’65 and Scott MacGregor ’67
2005: Russ Reinert ’61
2004: Robert ’49 and Joan ’57 Brain
2003: Norman and Jacquelyn Friberg ’82 
2002: Charles Harvey ’54
2001: Marjorie Buck ’50
2000: George and Martha Kelsey ’50B
1999: Robert ’54 and Margaret ’53 Bennett
1998: Roger and Ellen Bailey ’48B
1997: Russell ’68 and Ramona ’69 Simons
1996: Judith Kee ’57
1995: Juanita Simpson ’48B
1994: Francella Woods ’48B and Edith Woods ’48B
1993: Hugh Smith ’53
1992: Richard Winchell ’50 
1991: John Gration ’50
1990: Ralph and Polly Brown ’50
1989: James Collins ’71
1988: Charles Davis ’56

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Given for exemplary vision, charisma, courage, determination, resourcefulness, hardwork, creativity and innovation.

Katherine Forbes-Smith

2023 Awardee: Katherine Forbes-Smith ’96

As a family nurse practitioner specializing in adolescent medicine, mental health and gynecological issues for children and young adults, Katherine Forbes-Smith ’96 came to see that the mental and physical health of her young patients was deeply tied to the health of their families. Her conviction that whole families, not just children, need holistic care to support mental health prompted her in 2011 to found The Well: A Center for Hope and Healing. The Well’s more than a dozen practitioners focus on emotional, physical and spiritual healing for clients of all ages. The patients who enter The Well’s doors are able to receive psychotherapy and counseling, spiritual direction, occupational therapy, art therapy, massage therapy, nutrition and fitness guidance and life coaching. In addition to her role at The Well, Katherine continues to work as a co-owner and nurse practitioner at Bridgewater Pediatrics. She holds an M.S. in nursing from Boston college and is currently working toward a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from UMass Lowell. She and her husband, Karl ’94, live in Bridgewater, MA, and have three daughters, including one current Gordon student.

Noelle Guerin

2023 Awardee: Noelle Guerin ’02

When Noelle Guerin ’02 graduated from Gordon with a degree in English, she wasn’t sure what her future held. After starting her first job, she fell in love with the field of public relations. This led her to a career spanning over 20 years in public relations, taking her to Manhattan and then back to the Greater Boston area. Noelle spent 18 years at Cercone Brown, where she spearheaded 12 experiential public relations programs, which now make up the cornerstone of the firm’s public relations and events business. In 2020 she stepped out on her own and started Cru for Two, a boutique, full-service public relations and marketing firm with lifestyle clients in areas such as food, beverages and fashion. Also in 2020 Noelle began teaching public relations courses at Gordon as an adjunct professor, and in 2023 she joined the faculty part-time as a Professional in Residence for the Communication Arts program.

2022: Dr. Samuel Sennott ’04
2021/2020: Janine Halloran ’00 
2019: Joshua Sturgeon ’07 
2018: Kevin ’09 and Kathryn ’10 Grant
2017: Kaitlyn Trabucco ’07 
2016: Kristina Stevick ’98 
2015: Robert Weil ’85B
2014: Francis Vigeant ’04

Gordon Alumni of the Year Award

Given for outstanding achievement and embodiment of the Gordon mission through a life of leadership and service, as well as recognition by peer and persons outside his or her profession.

Francis K. Brown

2023 Awardee: Francis K. Brown II ’85

Gordon alum Francis K. “Fran” Brown II ’85 has built a distinguished, decades-long career as a leading accounting professional. As a managing partner at nationally recognized accounting firm Capin Crouse LLP, he helped build the firm into the nation’s largest accounting firm that works solely with nonprofit clients, including colleges and universities. His responsibilities include guiding implementation of strategy and key objectives, and he has hired many Gordon grads over the years. Fran has shared his skills and experience with Gordon students as an adjunct professor in higher level accounting. In other service to Gordon, he is past chair of the Gordon Alumni Council. Fran and his wife, Theresa, live in Danvers, MA, where they are active members of Seven Mile Road Church Melrose. The couple has four children, including two Gordon alumni: Francis III, Bobby ’14, Leah ’15 and Andrew.

2022: John “Jack” L. Good III ’66 
2021/2020: Michael Messenger ’90
2019: Deborah Lawrence Swallow ’74
2018: Nathan Uebelhoer ’92
2017: Ted Lucas ’88
2016: Laura Fastie-Grapshi ’81
2015: Scott Williamson ’86
2014: Dante Rutstrom ’80
2013: Richard Malloch ’75
2012: K. David Goss ’74
2011: Carrie Tibbles ’93
2010: Karin Coonrod ’76
2009: Eugene Neville ’69B
2008: Bruce ’77 and Linda ’78 Wilkinson
2007: Christian Smith ’83
2006: James Roberts ’66B
2005: R. Preston Mason ’85
2004: Harold Hoehner ’58B
2003: Charles Mackenzie ’46
2002: Clarence Jordon ’53B
2001: Randall Collins ’67
2000: K. William Kautz ’76
1999: Carol Anderson ’79B
1998: Charles March ’80
1997: Kenneth Curtis ’61
1996: Gordon Hall ’81
1995: James Hunter ’77 
1994: Ernest Sillars ’35 
1993: Leonard Edwards ’35 
1992: Herman Smith ’70 
1991: Priscilla Leavitt ’62B
1990: Everett Fullam ’55 
1989: Edwin Jacques ’29 
1988: Lucille Ramish ’52 
1987: Gordon Loux ’62 
1986: Arthur Gay ’59 
1985: F. Grace Pierson ’33 
1984: Carl Armerding ’57 
1983: Donald Gill ’49 
1982: Silke Hansen ’65 
1981: Marjorie Awalt ’59 
1980: Donald Tweedie ’50 
1979: John Keith ’54, Lloyd Kalland ’42, R. Nelson Muir ’19 
1978: Veronica Lanier ’54 
1977: Paul Pretiz ’49 
1976: Stanley Allaby ’53 
1975: Harold Pillsbury ’52 
1974: George Sweeting ’48 
1973: Nathan Goff ’49 
1972: Arthur Whitaker ’49 
1971: Mary Maxim ’39 
1970: Carrie Tarbell ’22 
1969: Joseph Bubar ’68 
1968: Elmer Murdoch ’25 
1967: John Nichol ‘49
1966: Lewis Brown ’23 
1965: William Gavin
1964: Wesley Huber ’23 
1963: Winifred Currie ’45 
1962: Stanley Washburn ’41 
1961: Eric Frykenberg ’37 
1960: Kenneth Pike ’33 
1959: Frank Tobey ’29 
1958: Clyde Taylor ’31 
1957: Merrill Tenney ’27 
1956: James Rider ’27

Gordon Young Alumni of the Year Award

Given for a life of servant leadership and significant contribution to the workplace and community.

adam and kate

2023 Awardee: Adam ’12, ’14 M.Ed. and Katie (Wholley) ’14 Quinn

Adam ’12, ’14 M.Ed. and Katie (Wholley) ’14 Quinn are the co-founders of The Cornerstone Creative, an after-school mentorship program that teaches woodworking and craftsmanship in a place of safety, hope and learning to the youth of Gloucester, MA. Participants learn life schools like problem-solving and attention to detail, skills that will serve them well as they grow up and pursue higher education and a career. Adam is a born-and-raised Gloucester native with a Master’s degree from Gordon in educational leadership. He previously worked as the director of recreation and leisure at Northeast Arc, an organization that promotes flourishing for individuals with disabilities. Katie works full-time as a counselor at New England Academy in Beverly, MA. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker, and her Master’s in Social Work degree is from Simmons College.

2022: Freda Obeng-Ampofo ’08
2021/2020: Michael Bailey ’06 
2019: Nicholas ’09 and Ashley ’10 Schultz
2018: Katie Thompson ’12 
2017: Jessie Saintcyr ’02 
2016: Rob and Gina Bradley ’01 
2015: William Park ’95 
2014: Santiago Sedaca ’94 
2013: Joshua ’95 and Sara ’94 Martinelli
2012: Prashan DeVisser ’08 
2011: Owen Webb ’03 
2010: Ryan McDonnell ’04

Jack Good Community Service Award

Given for outstanding, faithful and dedicated service in areas beyond personal vocation, modeling Christian servanthood to the local community.


2023 Awardee: Mark Panjwani ’91

Service to his community is at the heart of Mark Panjwani’s ’91 career as a police officer and paramedic. As a police lieutenant in the Beverly, MA, police department, Mark works to bring caring and compassion, as well as highly trained skill, to the individuals he encounters while on the job. In recognition of this excellence, Mark received the Beverly Police Department’s first Community Police Officer of the Year award, given annually to the officer who “significantly contributes to public safety and quality of life.” He is also certified as an advanced paramedic, and he serves as the Beverly Police Department liaison to Beverly Hospital and as the department’s medical training officer. Mark takes what he has learned at home to serve abroad, using his medical skills to participate in missions trips as a paramedic to nations diverse as Ghana, Myanmar and Ecuador. Mark holds an M.A. in criminal justice from UMass Lowell, and he and his wife, Rebecca ’96, ’98M, have four children.

2022: Megan (Footit) Lietz ’09
2021/2020: Schuyler Anderson ’14 
2019: Sada Andrews ’01 
2018: Andrea Polnaszek ’94 
2017: Mark Emblidge ’75 
2016: Donn Truax ’99 
2015: Reginald Nichols ’79 
2014: David O’Connor ’88 
2013: Richard ’58 and Carol ’57 Visser
2012: Paul Lorentsen ’85 
2011: Jason Revilla ’01 and James Grumbine ’01 
2010: Paul ’95 and Glenna ’94 Malkemes
2009: Melissa Winchell ’99 
2008: Laura Kroll ’81 
2007: Dana ’93 and Brandi ’92 Bates
2006: Darlene Kuzmak ’74 
2005: John Cissel ’85 
2004: John ’63B and Joanne ’61B Shenning
2003: Frank Kik ’58 
2002: Dicksie Mathison ’61B
2001: F. Stanley Keehlwetter ’69 
2000: E. Naomi Craig ’81B
1999: Alynne MacLean ’86 
1998: Richard Rung ’53 
1997: Barbara Rogers ’65B
1996: Bonny Loring ’87 
1995: Midge Denham ’77 
1994: Warren Sawyer ’57 
1993: Joseph Pouliot ’50 
1992: Ethel Dixon ’37 
1991: Robert Carter ’52 
1990: Nadjia Varney ’59B
1989: Anna Lisa Madiera ’42B
1988: Florence Winsor ’56 
1987: Lydie Noel ’58B
1986: A. Kennth Curtis ’61
1985: Kenneth Bowen ’49 
1984: Doris Morgan ’56 
1983: Eugene Case ’65 
1982: Russell Copeland Jr. ’60 
1981: Isabella Revenell ’35 
1980: Haddon Klingberg ’62 
1979: Glenn Warren ’66 
1978: Jack Good ’66

Margaret C. Wright Memorial Award

Given to an education alum working with an underserved population to provide funds to both the alum and their school. 


2023 Awardee: Rebekah Dostie ’20

At the beginning of the 2022 school year, most of the first graders in Rebekah Dostie’s ’20 classroom at Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School were performing below grade level in reading and math. By the end of the year––her first teaching in the Hartford, CT, public school system––every single student in her class had improved their screening scores, which measure grade-level learning goals. Rebekah’s passion for reaching her young students, many of whom face challenges such as trauma, hunger or poverty, was aided by the rigorous instruction she received at Gordon in the science of reading and a systematic approach to phonics

2022: Angie Epplett
2021: Aleah Tarnoviski
2020: Jessica Cochran

Winifred Currie Award in Education

Given for outstanding service to the education field and the community and for serving as a distinguished role model to peers, friends and students.


2023 Awardee: Jordan Heckelmann ’15, ’18 M.Ed.

Jordan Heckelmann’s ’15, ’18M.Ed. commitment to growth for his students and his own professional growth has opened doors for him as he takes on increasing leadership in the world of Christian education. As an academic fellow at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, CO, Jordan started off his education career teaching history and coaching strength and conditioning. After completing his fellowship Jordon returned to the Gordon area to pursue a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Gordon. During this time he taught eighth-grade history and Bible classes at Portsmouth Christian Academy in Dover, NH. In 2020 Jordan was promoted to Portsmouth Christian Academy’s Upper School principal. Jordan and his wife, Emily ’15, have three children.

2022: Marie Patfoort ’67
2021/2020: Pam Heintz ’89 
2019: Beth Mollenhauer ’94 
2018: Christopher Brooks ’93 
2017: Mina Deckert ’87 
2016: William Stevens Jr. ’71 
2015: Ann Seavey ’75 
2014: Carolyn Cassidy ’62 
2013: Janet Arndt ’68 
2012: Robert and Marion Hughey ’50B
2011: Harry Hesketh Jr. ’63 
2010: Russell Steponic ’89 
2009: Gary Schmidt ’89 
2008: Glenn Olson ’83 
2007: Marilyn ’68B and James Cooney
2006: Ann Young ’66B
2005: Vincent Carbone ’83 
2004: Rosemarie Buote ’62B
2003: Mary Beth Cofsky ’77 
2002: Barbara Campbell ’68B
2001: Margaret Ford ’71B
2000: Yvonne Watkins ’60 
1999: Mary Cowperthwaite ’69 
1998: Earl Berg ’68

Barrington Alumni of the Year Award

Given to a Barrington alum for outstanding achievement and for honoring the legacy of Barrington College mission through a life of leadership and service, as well as recognition by peer and persons outside his or her profession.

1983: Marion Puryear ’58B
1982: J. Herbert Kane ’53B
1981: David Horner ’71B
1980: Terrelle Crum ’39B
1978: Donald Brown ’47B
1977: William Hoyt ’45B
1976: Marion Bean ’50B
1975: Terrelle Crum ’39B
1974: John Speicher ’65B
1972: Carl Hatch ’53B
1971: T. Lawrence Gilbert ’54B
1970: Ronald Nash ’58B
1969: Carlton Gregory ’39B
1968: Carl Burke ’47B

F. L. Chappell Award

Given for extraordinary service to the College.

2022: Dr. Janet Arndt

Lifetime Achievement Award

Given to an alum or friend for a lifetime of service to the College, its community and mission.

2022: Bruce Herman
2021/2020: Russell Bjork
2019: Paul Helgesen
2018: Bert Hodges
2015: Roger Green
2014: Barry and Donna Loy
2013: Richard and Jody Gross
2012: Marvin Wilson
2011: Ted Wood
2008: Peter Stine
2007: Margaret Jensen
2006: William and Lillian Harper
2005: Ann Ferguson
2004: David Sweet
2003: John Beauregard
2001: Peter Blackwell
1999: Marion Bean
1998: Dick Wright, Grady Spires and Russell Bishop
1997: Davis Franz