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Alumni at Homecoming

Alumni Ambassadors

Gordon College is built on a strong tradition of community—generations of students, faculty, staff and alumni supporting one another. The Gordon College Alumni Ambassadors is a way for alumni to give back to the College by sharing their love for the Gordon experience with future students. We do this through four different paths: connecting with students and families over coffee, sending snail mail, adopting a local high school, or participating on social media.

The experience of an alum is what sets this program up for success. Gordon alumni are able to share with students or schools how their experience fostered growth and transformation—spiritually, academically and socially. Gordon alumni are able to articulate how Gordon has remained in their life through mentors, friendships, church life or the workplace. We look forward to supporting the Admissions team through this enthusiastic group of alumni!

If you are an alum of Gordon College and are interested in giving back in this way, please email Amy France at .