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A. J. Gordon Scholars Program Details

As Gordon's longstanding heritage four-year scholarship program, The A. J. Gordon Scholars Program is designed to foster imagination, creativity, personal and community engagement, and the influence of faithful citizenship in the places each scholar is called. Read more below to learn what that looks like in practice.

GPA Requirement
In order to remain eligible for this scholarship, students must maintain a 3.3 GPA.

Scholars cohort

Common Experiences, Shared Learning
As an A. J. Gordon Scholar, you will enter your freshman year with 17-23 other curiously-driven students who share your strong commitment to Christ, love of learning, and desire to have a positive impact on the world. You will learn together, challenge and support each other, and discover the value of actively lending your strengths and influence to your own points of engagement. For your studies in year one, your cohort will also separate into smaller groups of 4-5 led by seasoned A. J. Gordon Scholars for a deeper, more intentional time of discussion.

Learning Relationships and Mentoring
In addition to the cohort relationships you build with other A. J. Gordon Scholars, we also emphasize the value of building effective learning relationships in your chosen areas of discovery. These might be with more seasoned scholars, research partnerships with faculty or others, or experiential apprenticeships with key individuals along the way. Program staff and seasoned A. J. Gordon Scholars also provide mentoring contact points in your first and second years to help you make a successful transition to college life, and the life of a faithful, engaging scholar in your own chosen path.

Personalized Program

Year One: Building our Foundation
Program Orientation Retreat

In the first-year, A. J. Gordon Scholars share a program orientation retreat the weekend following College Welcome Week. 

Scholars Workshop (GHI 010)
Scholars Workshop is a course that A. J. Gordon Scholars take that seeks to provide a structured seminar for learning. It explores the program's five foundations which are the building blocks for each scholar’s personalized learning plan. These five foundations are Strengths, Curiosity, Learning, Leading, and Faith. Over the first year, and we engage all of our development of personal and professional plans with these constantly in mind. These five foundations give us common language to explore our own pathways, together. In this course, we also explore our individual and collective engagement and influence in the world. 

COR 107 The Great Conversation
A. J. Gordon Scholars will also take a special honors section of COR 107 The Great Conversation, a first-year seminar and writing course required for all Gordon students. 

Years Two through Four: Planned Success
Second Year Retreat
In the second-year, A. J. Gordon Scholars share a weekend retreat exploring leadership, spiritual disciplines, and calling. 

Community Asset Projects
Based on shared interests or established needs, scholars are encouraged (as individuals or in teams) to build community partnerships and influence the community experience of their fellow citizens through a large project. They have a chance to learn the practices of project development and management, teamwork, collaboration, community networking, and advocacy. Projects are a practical learning experience and a means to return service to the campus community. 

Leadership thru influence
In the final years, A. J. Gordon Scholars are expected to remain fully engaged in their chosen points of personal and professional engagement, and to lend their strengths to other scholars and the communities to which they are connected. For example, many upperclassmen volunteer to lead small groups for first-year A. J. cohorts.

All throughout your college experience as an A. J. Gordon Scholar, you will also benefit from intentional mentoring meetings with program staff. In these meetings, you’ll discuss your professional development, informed by the natural strengths and curiosity each scholar seeks to pursue.

Research, Theses and Professional Capstones
A. J. Gordon Scholars are strongly encouraged to complete a culminating scholarly or professional capstone, Honors Thesis, or internship by graduation, which is often built into the personal learning plan. This is left intentionally broad to encompass all of the various paths and opportunities available to each individual student, given the diversity of their academic paths and learning plans.

Community Engagement

You among others; Here and now

Based on the life and ministry of Rev. Dr. A. J. Gordon, the A. J. Gordon Scholars seek practical engagement in everyday places, wherever in the world they are called to be. Scholars will learn about the role of personal and professional influence in communities, and the manner in which strong communities are forged in partnerships between individuals, neighbors, and the organizations and institutions that connect them. 

Whether its on-campus or nearby, second-year A. J. Gordon Scholars develop practical, partnered community asset projects to learn how these connections are built for the benefit of the whole community. Final year scholars often go on to continue community engagement in their own individual ways as part of their learning plan.

Your Four Year Experience







GHI 010
Scholars Workshop
(0 credits)

COR 107
The Great Conversation (A. J. seminar)
(4 credits)

Fall Second-Year retreat

 Your unique features*

Fall First-Year program orientation

Personalized Learning Plan committed

Community Asset Projects (CAP)

CAP foundations and launches


Final year





Your unique features*

Your unique features*

Departmental Honors, Senior Thesis or project

Departmental Honors, Senior Thesis or project

Your leadership and influence Your leadership and influence

GHI 010 Scholars Workshop
(0 credits)

Celebrating transitions

*Study-away semesters or summer engagements fit in, or in-between these sessions.