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Ministry Fellows

Join Gordon College’s Chaplain, Associate Dean for Spiritual Formation and other campus leaders for a yearlong experience culminating in a spring break trip to England and Wales, or on pilgrimage in western Europe. Students of any discipline who value discipleship and ministry or missions will gain from this unique opportunity to make meaningful connections through Gordon’s extensive network in New England and throughout the world.

The Nathan R. Ministry Fellows program enables students of any major to explore how they might integrate Christian mission with their vocational pursuits and gain a richer understanding of relational ministry and formative discipleship.

Program Highlights

  • Connect with Gordon’s local and global ministry leaders.
  • Embrace the missional legacy of A.J. Gordon throughout the North Shore and Boston. (ministry and missions track)
  • Explore holistic, embodied discipleship through creativity, contemplation, and reflection. (formative discipleship track)
  • Put your learning into cross-cultural practice in the United Kingdom, or Western Europe.
  • Cultivate relationships with a small group of highly engaged first-year students.

How to Apply
Complete your admissions application by November 1 (Early Action II) or December 1 (Early Action III).

Program Director
Lauren Becker
978 867 4707

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