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Equipment Rentals

What We Rent

  • Mac and Lenovo laptops and chargers
  • Computer adapters (Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, etc.)
  • Zoom MP3 Audio Recorders
  • Microphones
    • Boom Pole and Shotgun Mic sets
    • Handle Microphones
    • Lapel (wired and wireless)
    • Mic Bag Sets
    • USB Microphones
  • Personal Response Systems
  • Webcams
  • Wireless Powerpoint Remotes
  • External Drives
    • USB CD/DVD
    • USB/Firewire Hard Drives
  • Sound Systems and Speakers
    • Computer Speakers
    • Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    • Medium Speakers
    • Portable Sound Systems
  • Digital Projectors and Screens
  • Monopods and Tripods
  • Cameras
    • Still Cameras
    • Canon Video Recorder
    • Kodak Video Recorder
  • Lighting
    • Camera Lights
    • Lighting Kits

Rental Fees

While your computer is being repaired, you can rent a laptop for a fee of $5 per day. If your laptop is under warranty, there is no charge to rent a laptop while yours is being repaired.

You can rent an Apple laptop charger for $3. You can also stay in the CTS helpdesk area and charge your laptop there for no charge. If your laptop is being repaired and is under warranty, there is no charge to rent the charger with a laptop.

If you are unable to return any items you have checked out before the required time, late fees will apply. The amount of the fee depends on how late you return the item. The fine will prevent you from further being able to check equipment out. You will receive emails from CTS if you have acquired any late fees.

Rental Policy

Understand that while the items are in your possession, you are personally and financially responsible for them.

Make every effort to keep the items in a secured and safe place, and understand you are responsible for their safety for the entire time of the loan period, even if you choose to let others use the equipment.

If you fail to return the item(s) in full working order with no damage, including all components, by the date and time listed, you will be fined for each hour the items are late.

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