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Core Courses


The Core Curriculum explores the liberal arts and sciences from a Christian perspective. In core courses students and faculty seek to understand and wisely engage creation and the social order. We investigate diverse aspects of the complexity, coherence and beauty of creation. We interact with historic and contemporary cultures, accepting the longstanding Christian call to seek after truth and beauty, to think critically and constructively, to exercise moral discernment, and to develop habits of just and compassionate action. The curriculum encourages the development of a Christian character that manifests itself in informed and redemptive responses to the world and the needs of the global community.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of coursework in the Core Curriculum, students will

  1. demonstrate knowledge of God’s character and purposes as revealed in Scripture and expressed in the life of the church and will construct theological reflections for the lived Christian life,
  2. demonstrate knowledge of God's creation in all its complexity, coherence, and beauty through the natural sciences and pursue an understanding of stewardship of God's creation,
  3. gain knowledge of historical perspectives on the human condition and will pursue an understanding of humankind as created, fallen, and redeemed,
  4. gain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to engage with local and global cultures to pursue shalom throughout a diverse world,
  5. gain understanding and be able to critically examine diverse philosophical perspectives concerning fundamental questions about nature, humankind, moral and aesthetic value, and God,
  6. demonstrate knowledge of social, political, and/or economic systems and will evaluate them from Christian perspectives, to prepare for civic engagement and human flourishing,
  7. be able to identify, analyze, and evaluate the arguments of others, and they will be able to state clearly their own positions and support them with rational arguments,
  8. apply mathematical, logical, or statistical skills to solve problems,
  9. demonstrate effective oral and written communication,
  10. develop aesthetic sensibilities and practices, and
  11. develop and practice habits of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.

Core Courses and Requirements

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