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Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries Department Objectives

The Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries Department fosters a community where students and professors prepare to engage our cultural contexts with a vibrant and effective understanding of the scriptures, construct a coherent biblical worldview, grapple with questions that address faith and life, and serve as responsible citizens of the body of Christ.

The department desires to model:

  1. Conviction that scripture, God’s authoritative revelation, is faithful and trustworthy
  2. Recognition of our own need for God’s presence by the indwelling Word and the Holy Spirit
  3. Humble and enthusiastic study of scripture in pursuit of truth, justice, and mercy
  4. Courage to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a complex world

Statement of Objectives:

  • Core biblical and theological knowledge
  • Emphasis on the historical, cultural and theological harmony of the Scriptures
  • Coherent method for reading and interpreting Scripture
  • Criteria for critically evaluating hermeneutical method
  • Ability and willingness to wrestle with implications of the authority of Scripture
  • Developed principles for dialogue with cultural contexts and a globalized world
  • Preparation for the proclamation of the truths of God
  • Personal affirmation of commitment to Christian life and world view
  • Appreciation of the development of Christian thought throughout the history of the Church
  • Foundational understanding of educational theory and learning processes
  • Commitment to care for the human condition and be active citizens of the local church
  • Commitment to live authentic lives that demonstrate love for God and neighbor
  • For those whose vocation will lead them to graduate school, excellent preparation for research and writing

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