Swim Lesson Levels

Level 1 - Age 4 or Older  
Fully submerge face-3 seconds Bob 10 times-chest deep
Supported front and back float Bubble blowing
Enter/exit pool independently Supported front and back kick
Demonstrate alternating arms Reaching assists without equipment
Basic water safety rules  


Level 2 - Ages 5 and 6  

Hold breath and fully submerge head-3 seconds

Explore deep water with support
Submerge and retrieve objects underwater Back and front float-5 seconds each
Rhythmic breathing-10 bobs Leveling off from vertical position
Enter chest-deep water Get out at side of pool
Fluter kick on front Flutter kick on back
Finning on back Back crawl arm action
5 yards front stroke 5 yards back stroke
Turn over front to back Turn over back to front
Perform reaching and extension assist from deck  


Level 3 - Ages 7 and 8  
Retrieve object with no support Bob, submerging head completely
Bob in water over head to travel to safe area Jump into deep water
Kneeling dive Compact dive
Prone glide with push-off Supine glide with push-off
Front crawl with breathing and proper arms Back crawl-10 yards
Elementary backstroke kick-10 yards Reverse direction while swimming-front to back/back to front


Level 4 - Ages 9 and 10  
Deep water bobbing Front float
Back float Rotary breathing
Stride dive Standing dive
Elementary backstroke-10 yards Sculling on back-5 yards
Front crawl with rotary breathing-25 yards Back crawl-25 yards
Breaststroke kick-10 yards Side stroke kick-10 yards
Demonstrate wall turn Tread water 


Level 5 - Ages 11 and 12  
Alternate breathing Long shallow dive
Breaststroke-10 yards Side stroke-10 yards
Swimming underwater-3 body lengths Elementary backstroke-25 yards
Dolphin kick Front crawl-50 yards
Back crawl-50 yards Open turn on front
Open turn on back Rules for safe diving
Recognition of spinal injury Hip/shoulder support
Feet-first surface dive Tread water-2 minutes


Level 6 - Ages 13 and 14   
Front crawl-100 yards Front crawl flip turn
Back crawl-100 yards Back crawl turn
Breaststroke-25 yards Side stroke-25 yards
Butterfly-10 yards Breaststroke turn
Side stroke turn Speed turn and pull-out for breaststroke
Pike surface dive Tuck surface dive
Throwing assists Alternative kicks for treading water 




Swim Levels (PDF)
A printout of Lesson Swim Levels