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Student Diversity

Gordon's Commitment to Racial Harmony Wins Award

Gordon is committed to racial and ethnic diversity. We have made great strides towards a global vision by incorporating people of differing backgrounds not just in the student body, but also within the faculty, administration and board of trustees.

As a college, we seek to embody the essential elements of diversity in:

  • Perspectives
  • Experiences
  • Cultures
  • God-given talents

We offer many innovative programs that promote diversity on campus as well as involve students directly in inner-city settings. The success of these programs has gained the Racial Harmony Award, awarded by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). President R. Judson Carlberg comments on the honor that, "We're proud of the award Gordon received for efforts to promote cultural understanding, but this is one marker on a journey. It is our prayer that these programs are only the beginning of much greater achievements ahead."

The Clarendon Scholars program offers 75% scholarships to 10 students each year from Boston and surrounding urban settings to attend Gordon, and provides support systems. Their success is encouraged through:

  • Mentoring relationships
  • Training
  • Peer support

A key contribution of the program is that the Clarendon Scholars challenge members of Gordon to develop open minds as they live in community and prepare for positions of leadership and service.

The Gordon in Lynn program integrates you with existing programs run by residents of the city who are addressing their own community's needs. Some of these organizations include:

  • Educational Opportunity Center
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Lynn Economic Opportunity

Academic departments are integrally involved. For example:

  • The Spanish Department partners with a bilingual middle school program
  • The Art Department improves school facilities through commissioned murals
  • The Psychology Department sponsors "Igniting the Mind," a series of workshops to excite Lynn youth with interest in science studies.

The Gordon in Boston program allows you to live together with fellow students at the Salvation Army's Jubilee House in Dorchester, one of Boston's poorest and most diverse communities. You will examine the city from four perspectives as you learn to model racial reconciliation in your life:

  • Social science
  • History
  • The Arts
  • Theology

In the program's short history, Gordon in Boston students have volunteered more than 5,000 hours and have served more than 2,000 people throughout inner-city neighborhoods.

Through the GEO, you are given the chance to study in many countries and settings around the world, in places like:

Opportunities range from highly academic settings for independent study and writing such as that of the Oxford Honors program, to the Gordon in Orvieto program, an arts-oriented course of study in Italian Renaissance cultural history, the Italian language, and the study of studio, history and theory of the visual arts in Orvieto, Italy.