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JUD Talks 2023

JUD Talks

JUD Talks 2024

Final competition is Wednesday, April 10 at 7 p.m. in KOSC 104. 

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Audition Details:

  • The event is open to all current Gordon College students
  • Please aim for 8-10 minutes for your audition (a speech on a topic of your choice)
  • Please submit a speech outline including a bibliography of cited sources
  • The best speeches integrate faith and learning. Please visit gordon.edu/judtalks for more specifics on content and delivery. 
  • The final competition is Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 7 p.m. with mandatory dress rehearsals on Tuesday, April 9. 
  • For questions, please email [email protected] or

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JUD Talks—The Adoniram Judson Gordon Memorial Speech Competition

Sponsored by Gordon College Communication Arts

This competitive event features TED-inspired student speeches designed to motivate and inspire the Gordon College community.

Contestants must develop and deliver an original 8-10 minute extemporaneous speech. The best speeches connect to the values of the Gordon College community, feature excellence in content and delivery, and include the following elements:

Attention-capturing introduction
Clear organizational structure
Presentation of a big idea
Appropriate use of emotional/logical appeals
Appropriate use of supporting materials
Connection of topic to the audience
Call to action
Memorable conclusion

Vocal energy
Vocal fluency
Eye contact
Purposeful movement
Use of visual aids
Time management

The final round will be held on Wednesday, April 10. The event will be open to the public and live-streamed on the Gordon College Facebook page. A panel of judges will determine the top three winners, who will receive cash prizes. The audience votes on a People’s Choice award.

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