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Jewish Studies Concentration Courses

The Jewish Studies concentration is part of the Biblical Studies major. The courses below list the general requirements for all Biblical Studies majors followed by the specific requirements for the Jewish Studies concentration.


Students majoring in biblical studies are required to choose a concentration from:

  • General Biblical Studies
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Jewish Studies
  • Biblical Languages

In addition to the three core requirements (BCM 101, BCM 103 and BCM 308), the following courses are also required.

    Biblical Interpretation (8 credits):

    Theology (8 credits) fulfills core theology requirement:

    Note: Students in the biblical languages concentration may waive one theology requirement. 

    Capstone (1 credit):

    Students in the Jewish studies concentration may waive the Senior Research Thesis requirement as they complete a different type of capstone requirement.

    Jewish Studies Concentration

    Students who wish to enrich their major in biblical studies through an understanding of Judaism will benefit from this concentration. Emphasizing a wide variety of learning experiences, the program features on-campus coursework supplemented by many off-campus opportunities for personal interaction with the Jewish communities of the Greater Boston area. In addition, as part of the concentration, students are strongly urged to participate in one of several optional study programs in Israel.

      Required courses:

      The Gospel or Pauline Studies (4 credits) one of:

      Capstone (4 credits) one of:

      • Study in Israel
      • A 4-credit internship within the Jewish community
      • An approved course in Jewish studies taken at another institution

        Minor in Biblical Studies

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