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Annual Debate

Each spring semester students participate in an Oxford-style public debate. The debate is a venerable institution in Western higher education dating from medieval universities. While largely an exercise in public oratory, the JAF annual debate is also a time for members of the Gordon community to engage in thinking deeply together about controversial questions.
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Spring 2023  |  Pacifism for Christians?

Resolution: “Pacifism is the most faithful political ethic for Christians”

The Affirmative Case

Joseph Barbee, Ivyanna Carr, Anna Fenton, Chara Larson, Melissa Mercedes, Lily Rodrigues, Perk Steele

The Negative Case

Maeve Barclay, Lukas Karagiorgos, Marco Nachtigall, Erin Richardson, Hannah Spangler, Lori Yoder

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Micah Freer

Micah Freer ’20

"One of the most formative experiences of the JAF program was the spring semester debate. For this debate, you prepare with half of the JAF cohort throughout the semester on a challenging topic. This provided us with the opportunity to test our leadership skills, grow closer as a team, learn from diverse perspectives and intellectually challenge one another before practicing our rhetoric skills in a schoolwide debate."