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Gordon College is one of the most highly regarded Christian colleges in the United States, consistently featured on the US News and World Report's nationally ranked list and Princeton Review's Top 380 schools list.

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Each student works within a cohort of peers from other Christian institutions, which helps foster collegiality and cooperative efforts.

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A mentor, from among the ranks of Christian school and college leadership, is assigned to each student as he/she progresses through the program.

These are just a few unique characteristics that set Gordon College's Graduate Leadership program apart. Click the link below to learn more about its unique offerings:

Craig Ramsey

Craig Ramsey is an alumnus of Gordon College and serves professionally at the college as the director of God's Chosen Gospel Choir. He originally enrolled in the M.A. in Leadership program in order to develop the leadership skills necessary to grow and improve the gospel choir and believes the program has successfully helped him to develop his confidence and skill set in order to reach towards his goals.

Jason Beard

My name is Jason Beard and I have been a teacher and coach at Mount Paran Christian School the past six years. I absolutely love teaching economics and psychology to high school seniors on our campus. I truly believe that God led me to the educational leadership program at Gordon College. In the Spring of 2016, my head of school and I discussed furthering my education and experiences through enrolling in a graduate program for educational leadership. After researching Gordon College and learning about the dynamics of their new program focusing on educational leadership from a biblical worldview I believed this was a great opportunity to pursue. After prayer and wisdom from peers and mentors, I decided to attend Gordon College and it has been a wonderful experience. The courses have been challenging, the professors have been fantastic and provided an amazing learning environment, and my colleagues in the program have become dear friends. The experiences in and outside of the classroom have been remarkable and I am grateful to be a part of a community that honors God in all they do. 

Jason wrote a blog post about his Capstone research project: GoLEAD. Read more at https://blog.acsi.org/student-leadership.

Brian Case

Brian Case is currently serving as the Interim Head of School at Westminster Schools of Augusta.  Prior to this appointment, he served for four years as the middle school principal at WSA.  He grew up in the Chattanooga area where he graduated from The McCallie School. He received his bachelor’s degree from Furman University and master’s degree from Georgia State University. Mr. Case worked at McCallie for 11 years as a Middle School history teacher, coach and assistant athletic director before serving as the athletic director and head football coach at the Randolph School in Huntsville, Alabama. Brian is currently pursuing an educational specialist degree in Christian School Leadership from Gordon College to become better equipped to lead Christian schools in the ever challenging academic arena. 

The leadership graduate program at Gordon College applies Christian theories and principles to all aspects of leading a school from fundraising, personnel, curriculum, managing people to strategic planning, marketing, school law, finance and operations.  However, the most impactful component of the program has been the one on one mentoring which is individualized for the particular needs and challenges of each member.  The interaction with the graduate student cohort and excellent teachers who are leaders in Christian schools has been most valuable. Since most issues facing leaders today are multifaceted with different nuisances that make simple answers a challenge, the network of experience and perspectives add a helpful platform to work out matters in the difficult arena of leading Christian schools in the 21st century.

T.J. Ross

T.J. Ross studied Middle-Childhood Education at Kent State University and proceeded to teach in the independent Christian school sector.  He served in the Army National Guard while earning his bachelor's and while working as a middle school math teacher in Washington D.C.  Through his growing passion for Christian education and the encouragement of his head of school and coworkers, a convicting interest in educational leadership emerged.  After searching through many educational leadership programs, T.J. found that only the Master of Arts in Leadership program at Gordon had the Christian emphasis he deeply desired.  He has found the opportunities to meet and hear from leaders across the country and the time with his assigned mentor to be two unique and beneficial features the program offers.

Robin Lowe

As the principal of a local Christian school, North Shore Christian School, I enrolled in the Leadership Program at Gordon College to continue my post graduate education in leadership, specifically, Christian Leadership. Gordon College endeavors to develop and equip professionals in order to support Christian leaders in the advancement of their careers. In reviewing the course paradigm, it was evident that the Leadership Program at Gordon College would enable me to realize my future goals. I am thrilled that I have already been able to apply lessons in the classroom to application and practice in the workplace!   

Erica Street

Erica Street currently serves as the Instruction/Serials Librarian at Jenks Library at Gordon College. She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature from this same college and was thrilled for the opportunity to return in a professional capacity after completing her master’s degree in Library Science in 2014. Erica enjoys that the flexibility of her role at Gordon allows her to combine a little bit of everything she loves about teaching, management, research, and design. After a year or so in her career, she was looking for an opportunity to enhance her leadership skills, specifically within the Christian framework of Gordon College. Gordon’s new graduate education leadership program provided her with the perfect opportunity to develop these skills. The experience of working alongside professionals in the field of Christian school leadership has been transformational. This program's cohort model provides the gateway for intentional learning amongst peers committed to the institution of Christian education.

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