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Past Exhibitions

2021–2022 Exhibitions

Selection from the Collections
Works aquired for the College Art Collections
1995 - 2020
October 2020 - January 2021

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UN/RE-TOLD | Senior Thesis Exhibits | Class of 2020
August 28 - October 3, 2020

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2018–2019 Exhibitions

Exempla: Gordon in Orvieto 20th Anniversary Exhibit
August 25–October 13, 2018

Enigma and Persona:
Mystery, Embodiment, and Presence
The Work of Elli Crocker and Sachiko Akiyama

On view: October 20–December 15, 2018
Reception: Saturday, October 20, 4–6 p.m.

Photographs by Stephan Gersh and Currents: Faculty Art Show
On view: January 16–February 23, 2019
Reception: Saturday, January 26, 4–6 p.m.

Remnant: Philip Archer
On view: March 9–April 24, 2019
Reception: Saturday, April 13, 4–6 p.m.

Senior Thesis Exhibits
On view: May 4–18, 2019
Reception: Saturday, May 4, 4–6 p.m.

2017—2018 Exhibitions

Claire Roll
Samantha Fields
CIVA: Faces of Mercy
Stephen Watson

2016—2017 Exhibitions

Sadao Watanabe
Steve Prince
Vining Collection
Student / Alumni Collaboration
Bradford Johnson

2015—2016 Exhibitions

Grand Drumheller
Les Bartlett
Faculty Past/Present
Ed Stitt

2014—2015 Exhibitions

Permanent Collection
Mark Potter
Ryan Stander
Field Visions: Masako Kamiya, Nathan Miner, and Lynda Schlosberg

2013—2014 Exhibitions
Faculty Alumni Recent Work
Kenneth Steinbach: The Machine in the Ghost
21st Century Monochrome
Wayne Adams is Speaking in Tongues

2012–2013 Exhibitions
Tim Harney: My Mother's Hands, My Father's Heart: Paintings and Collages, 2000–2012
Fiore/Drawing: The Drawings and Watercolors of Joseph A. Fiore
From my Book: Installations by Jay Walker
Monotype Guild of New England: 3rd National Juried Exhibition
QU4RTETS: Paintings by Bruce Herman and Makoto Fujimura

2011–2012 Exhibitions
Allison Luce: Ancient Expanse
Seeing Christ in the Darkness Georges Rouault as Graphic Artist
Work: Curse or Calling?
Trope & Trapeze: New Work by Edward Knippers

2010–2011 Exhibitions
Rose Olson: Color, Soft as Memory
Diane Ayott: Beyond Measure
Matthew Ballou: Redeeming Tensions

2009–2010 Exhibitions
Thaddeus Beal: Rhythm and (Re)Emergence
Drawing As Encounter
Tangible Dreams of a Dying Explorer

2008–2009 Exhibitions
Host & Hunger: Recent Work by Jim Zingarelli
Current Work: By Adjunct Art Faculty of Gordon College
Magnificat: Recent Work by Bruce Herman and Tanja Butler on the Life of the Virgin Mary
Russian Photography: From the Soviet Era to the 1990s
Looking Comes First

2007–2008 Exhibitions
Susan Heideman: Approaching the Liminal
Field Report: Works by Members of The Boston Printmakers

2006–2007 Exhibitions
The Next Generation: Contemporary Images of Faith
Highly Favored: Contemporary Images of the Virgin Mary
Standing on One Foot (Work by Barbara Grad, Heejung Kim, Lauren O'Neal, and Jedediah Morfit)
House as a Fortress (Prints by Dan Steeves)

2005–2006 Exhibitions
Icon and Logos (Sandra Bowden Retrospective)
Sacra Conversazione (Work by Tanja Butler and Tyrus Clutter)
Archetype & Whimsy (Work by Erica Daborn, Donna Dodson, Renata Fryshara, Shaun McNiff, and Rob Roy)
Recent Work of Gordon Alumni (Michelle Arnold, Anthony Falcetta, Jon MacAdam, and Truitt Seitz)

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