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Early Childhood Education Courses

Requirements for the major in Early Childhood Education

EDU 112 Introduction to Early Childhood Education with lab
EDU 221 Foundations of Early Childhood Education with field hours
EDU 225 Human Development and Learning
EDU 231 Children’s Literature Credits
EDU 238 The Exceptional Child with field hours
EDU 270 Math Methods with lab
EDU 302 Disabilities and the Young Child with field hours
EDU 345 Introduction to Teaching Reading
EDU 346 Early Childhood Reading and Language Arts: PreK–Grade 2 with lab
EDU 348 Assessment for the Classroom Teacher with field hours
EDU 438 Classroom Management: Early Childhood with field hours
EDU 440 Education Methods: Science and Health Early Childhood
EDU 442 Education Methods: Social Studies Early Childhood
EDU 479 Early Childhood Practicum I
EDU 480 Early Childhood Practicum II
MAT 205 Concepts of Mathematics I


Master's Degree

Earning a master’s degree is an opportunity to study and specialize in a new area. A master’s degree through the Gordon graduate program will prepare you to become a reading specialist, math specialist or principal.