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Process Guidelines

Every creative project goes through a workflow involving the Design Center, College Communications, and you, the client. To help facilitate a successful project, here is a breakdown of the process for creative projects, as well as timelines for completed projects at the available output options.

Once you submit your creative project request:
The Design Center will base its timeline off of your provided due date and will notify you about the feasibility if we have concerns. Here are some potential milestone dates for your project.

Text/Content due: Latest date for the Design Center to receive content you are providing.
1st Proof: Approximate date we will have a sample ready to be proofed by you.
Print/Approval date: Date the project needs to go into production to be able to be finished on time.
Delivery Date: When the finished products will be ready for you to pick up.
Mail drop date: Date a mailed project will be delivered to the Post Office.

The Proofing Process
Once the Design Center has created a design, we will provide a proof, or sample, for you to approve before moving the job into production. This is your chance to make sure everything is correct and the piece looks as it should. In some cases, we may have multiple options for you to choose from. Due to our volume of work and the many technical details involved, we rely on you to fact-check and verify all text content

The proofing process can go through multiple rounds, but ideally it shouldn’t need more than two. Extended numbers of proofs prolong the job process, so the earlier a job can be approved to move on, the better.

Once you have approved your job, an editor from The Office of College Communications is required to proofread all materials that go off campus or are seen by over 50 people. The editors check for grammar, spelling, consistency with Gordon’s message, etc. This is the last step before a job goes into production.

When your job is ready, we will notify you and place it in the hallway outside our office. You can pick it up anytime, even if we aren’t here (as long as the building is open). If you need your items delivered to you, let us know and we can arrange it with campus mail.


* Indicates action needed on Client's part.

1. Client Request*
Creative project request submitted by client.

2. Kickoff meeting* (if needed)
Some projects need a meeting with relevant parties to work out details of the job.

3. Text and Images Submitted by Client*
Having your text proofread by College Communications before submitting to the Design Center will make the job go faster. Email content to .

4. Design Center Creation

5. Proof Presented to Client

6. Client Review and Changes*

7. Client Revisions
Steps 5-7 will cycle through as many rounds as needed.

8. Client Signoff*
The client agrees that all aspects of the project are satisfactory and correct (free from errors).

9. College Communications Review and Changes

10. Proofreader revisions
Steps 9–10 will cycle through as many rounds as needed. If you prefer to see your piece after College Communications has made edits, let us know and we will show you a final proof before production.

11. Production
Production time varies based on the project. 

Production Schedules

  • Printed in-house: For smaller quantity print pieces (2 days)
  • Printed or produced externally: For higher quantity print pieces and promo items (2 weeks)
  • Screen: For email, web and PDF (1 day)

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