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Foundations Workshop

The Foundations workshops are a core tenet of our Stepped Care Model of wellness. These workshops will run throughout the year and will provide foundational skills and psycho-education for mental health and wellness. 

Below is a listing of the Foundations Workshops we rotate through, offering topics per semester. We are continually creating new content based on the needs we are seeing within the student body. 

The Anxiety Toolbox*

This workshop is a CBT-based curriculum designed to increase the healthy management of anxiety. It will also help you understand the difference between stress and anxiety and how to address each in healthy ways. 

Beyond Social Anxiety

This workshop will explore how social anxiety differs from shyness, and how you can begin to go from living safely, to living more fully. 

Getting Unstuck*

This workshop is a CBT-based curriculum designed to increase the healthy management of depressive symptoms and mood dysregulation.

Navigating Conflict, Creating Connection*

This workshop focuses on how to build and maintain healthy relationships, focusing on important themes like; autonomy vs intimacy, communication, boundaries, power and control, conflict and repair. 

Managing Psychological Pain*

This workshop is focused on increasing recognition, insight and openness in order to change our relationship with psychological pain. Each one of us experiences psychological pain in some form. This workshop is designed to help you manage it in healthier, more open-hearted ways. 

*The curricula for these excellent workshops were created by Cal Poly Counseling Services and are being utilized with permission. 

Students interested in attending these workshops can .

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