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Graduate Leadership: Classical Schools Residency

Upcoming Residency Dates

CC23: Winter Intensive January 7-13, 2024 (Richmond, VA) Summer Residency July 7-20, 2024 (Gordon College; Wenham, MA)

CC24: Summer Residency June 29 - July 13, 2024 (Orvieto, Italy)


As an introduction to the program, each cohort begins together in Italy. We invite you to join us at our GordonInOrvieto campus located at the Convento Servi Dei Maria. This monastery provides housing, classrooms, and more for our students. Our beloved chef Maria prepares two family-style meals a day. The campus is also located near several convenient markets & pharmacies.

During your second summer residency, you will stay in on-campus housing at Gordon College. The cost for on-campus housing is in addition to tuition and includes 3 meals a day and complimentary access to the Bennett Athletic and Recreation Center.

Spend your final practicum partnering with a leading classical school in the country.

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