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The Department of Communication Arts at Gordon College is developing leaders who can harness the power of story to make the world a better place. Whether through digital media, film, journalism, public speaking, strategic communication, or original critical research, we seek to reflect the image of our Creator God, developing creative and critical sensibilities that can transform our communities and our world. It’s communication for the common good. 

The Senior Seminar course functions as a capstone to the academic training and spiritual development of our students in the Communication Arts department. The centerpiece of this course is the Senior Project, a creative or critical exploration showcasing the students’ communication knowledge and abilities.

We began the semester by identifying social problems—on our campus, in our communities, in our country, and in our world—and talking about ways in which communication can make a difference. The students were tasked with identifying a specific problem and creating a project for a specific audience or client that in some way seeks to mitigate the problem for that audience. What you will see today are not merely passion projects—these are creative and focused efforts to demonstrate the power of communication to bring positive change in our world.

It has been a pleasure to walk alongside this year’s seniors for this final part of their journey at Gordon College. On behalf of the Communication Arts department, we wish our seniors God’s abundant blessings and great joy as they continue to follow his leading.

Grace and peace,

Christine J. Gardner
Chair, Department of Communication Arts

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