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Andrea Frankwitz

Associate Professor of English

Professor Frankwitz's teaching interests span from Colonial American Literature through Modern American Literature. Her current areas of research include nineteenth-century American slave narratives and Christological imagery in American poetry. In her free time, Dr. Frankwitz enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to museums and the theatre, and taking groups of students (and others) on cultural tours of Europe.

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Ivy George

Professor of Sociology

Professor George is committed to the multi-disciplinary opportunities that sociology offers in her classroom. Her research and teaching since 1983 have focused on gender, religion, race, ethnicity, globalization, and social change. She leads Gordon students in their study abroad program in South Africa, and has recently done research on international adoption. She has contributed to publications on "The Future of Feminism in Christian Higher ... more ➔

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Nicholas Rowe

Nicholas Rowe

Associate Vice President for Student and Global Engagement

Dr. Rowe lectures in the History major and the Black Studies minor programs. He serves on the President’s Cabinet as Associate Vice President for Student and Global Engagement. Since obtaining his doctorate in 1997, he has served in faculty and administrative roles in the United States and South Africa. Although his original training is in the history of cultural identity formation in the Atlantic world, his research and teaching interests ... more ➔

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