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Biotechnology Courses


The biology major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree requires 39 credits of biology: 21 credits in specified courses, 18 credits of biology electives. Two courses in general chemistry, two courses in organic chemistry, biostatistics, either calculus I & II or survey of calculus, and two semesters of general physics are required support courses.  BS students may elect to take two additional biology electives in place of physics. In contrast, the Bachelor of Arts degree requires 47 credits of biology: 21 credits in specified courses, 26 credits of biology electives. Three support courses (two courses in general chemistry and one course in biostatistics) are also required.

The Bachelor of Arts degree differs from the Bachelor of Science degree requiring fewer supporting courses and more biology courses. BA students are, however, required to take two additional upper level biology courses, leaving a net reduction of three courses between the two degrees.  Students going into specific programs should check specific requirements of schools to which they are interested in applying; some require specific biology or support courses.  General concentration requirements are for either degree. (See  Biology Concentrations section below.)

Majors normally take a core of six courses in the sequence listed below, plus a capstone senior seminar course.  Transfer students and those beginning the major after their first semester freshman year may have BIO 100 waived; please see your advisor.

Students select an additional 18 credits of biology electives for the BS degree (or 26 credits of biology electives without physics for the BS degree and the BA degree) in consultation with their advisor. These electives must include at least one upper-level plant course (e.g., botany, plant anatomy and physiology, ecology or approved Au Sable course) and at least three upper-level (300- or above) biology courses.

Required Mathematics and Support Courses (B.S.)

Biotechnology Concentration (BS)

Additional elective credits are required in biology. The following courses are strongly recommended:

Also recommended: