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African American • Latin American • Asian American • Native America • Allies

'Redeeming Creation's Diversity'

The ALANA student organization strives to: 

  • Provide spiritual, personal, academic cultural and social support to students of color
  • Increase campus knowledge of ALANA communities - their history, culture and contributions
  • Equip students with the tools to confront racial and cultural ignorance and discrimination
  • Create opportunities for personal growth and disseminates knowledge about the many campus ministries clubs and programs in which to participate
  • Promote true unity - not one that supports an invisibility of racial and cultural differences or colorblindness, but rather an equality of the full "mosaic" of God's Creation.

The students who participate in and lead the ALANA student group are primarily those who possess a healthy sense of self, understanding that to embrace their God given ethnicity and culture is not an indication of arrogance or superiority but rather an act of gratitude to God.

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