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A. J. Gordon Heritage Project

"Christ calms the heart now, but only when He comes in glory will He calm the sea."
—A. J. Gordon


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Adoniram Judson Gordon 1836–1895

A. J. Gordon was born in tiny New Hampton, New Hampshire on April 19, 1836 to devout Christian parents. At about 15 years of age, Adoniram had a conversion experience and was baptized in his father's mill stream. One year later, he openly confessed in a church meeting his desire and determination to prepare for Christian ministry.

In 1856, at age 20, he entered Brown University as a Classics major, where he met his future wife, Maria Hale. In 1860 he entered the Newton Theological Institution. Upon graduation in 1863, he accepted a call to become pastor of the Jamaica Plain Baptist Church, near Boston. In this time frame, he also married Maria Hale. After six successful years there, he accepted the pastorate of the Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston, the church where his ministry would have its broad impact.

Dr. Gordon remained pastor of Clarendon Street Church for more than a quarter of a century. He wrote many books, including: In Christ, The Two-Fold Life, The Ministry of the Spirit, How Christ Came to Church, and many others. He set Monday mornings aside to publishing his own monthly, the Watchword, and focused on devotional enrichment. He saw the church completely transformed into one of the most spiritual and aggressive churches in America with an unsurpassed effort in missions.

A. J. Gordon poured his heart and energy into the work of foreign missions. He traveled, preached, wrote, and served with the passion of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. In 1889, he founded Gordon College in Boston, Massachusetts, as a missionary training institute. 

He continued as minister of the Clarendon Street Church until his death, due to influenza and bronchitis, on the morning of February 2, 1895, with "victory" as the last clearly audible word on his lips.

Many of A. J. Gordon's original works are available in the archives of the Jenks Library at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. For more information contact:

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