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Admissions FAQ

I received an email from Gordon College inviting me to apply. Is this email really from Gordon?

Yes. Gordon is sending more email and letters to encourage strong students like you to apply. Please follow the links, and apply so we can get to know you better!

Is my application binding?

Only if you want it to be. The "Application Type" question gives you three options. The application is binding only if you select “Early Decision—binding.” The other options are non-binding.

Can I submit my SAT’s later?

Yes. The Admissions Committee will consider your application once we receive all of the application materials such as your SAT score. However, if you retake your SAT’s, we will be happy to review your file and consider you for additional merit-based scholarship opportunities.

What if I don’t take my SAT until October?

No problem. Just submit your application and all other application credentials to Gordon, and we will hold your application open until we receive your SAT score report.

What if I am going to take the SAT a second time?

You may still submit your application now. Email us, and let us know that you are taking the SAT a second time so that we are watching for your new scores to arrive. If your current GPA and SAT scores are strong, the admissions committee will move forward with an admission decision. Once the new SAT scores are received, the admissions committee will reconsider you for a higher merit-based scholarship if the new scores make you a candidate for it.

Can I submit multiple SAT scores?

Yes. Gordon takes the highest score from each section of the test regardless of the testing date. You can mix and match highest section scores from numerous test dates to get your highest overall test score.

If I do this now and don’t have all my information, can I still be considered for scholarship?

We want to consider you for all scholarship opportunities for which you qualify. There are many scholarships and various requirements. The sooner your application is complete, along with supporting materials, the sooner the Admissions committee can consider you for our full range of scholarships! 
What constitutes a strong application to Gordon?

A successful application for admission to Gordon gives evidence of strong academic promise and faithful Christian commitment.

What preparation should I have in high school before applying to Gordon?

Students are prepared for the curriculum at Gordon when they have successfully completed course work at a college preparatory level in the following areas: English (four years), mathematics (two to three years), science (two to three years, including at least one year of laboratory science), social studies (two years), and five courses of acceptable elective credits, including two years of the same foreign language (four years strongly recommended).


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