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How do I receive merit scholarships?

Scholarships are all merit-based and are determined by GPA and SAT or ACT. Students who apply to the College and who are eligible will automatically be considered and will receive their scholarship information with their acceptance letter. Music and theatre scholarships require an audition and art scholarships require an art portfolio. Check Scholarships for more information.

What kinds of Work Study jobs are available on campus?

Work study students can work any on-campus job. All a student has to do is visit our student employment website and start searching for jobs.

Will I be chosen for government verification?

Only 20-30% of our applicants are selected for government verification. You will more than likely not be selected but if you are, you will be notified by FAFSA directly.

How much does Gordon cost?

We have a complete breakdown of tuition, fees and room and board on our Tuition page.

Do I have to pay the full tuition at one time or can I pay in installments?

You can pay the full tuition in one payment but you can also choose to pay over time. We offer two options—a one semester payment option and a four-month payment option. Learn more at Payments and Bill.

Can parents receive loans?

Yes, parents can receive Federal PLUS Loans. In order to receive this award, parents need to receive credit approval from a credit-worthy endorser. Learn more >>

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