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Physical Plant

We, The Gordon College Physical Plant, strive to create and maintain a safe, clean and attractive living, learning, and work environment while exemplifying a lifestyle of servanthood. To achieve this mission, we seek to demonstrate:

  • A professional attitude
  • Efficiency
  • Teamwork
  • Unity
  • Mutual respect
  • Joy in our work
  • Good communication
  • Constant vigilance
  • Excellence
  • Meeting diverse needs


Single Stream Recycling
In an effort to stay up to date with the latest recycling technology and improvements we are proud to announce that we are switching to a single stream recycling program. In place of having three separate recycling bins all recycling will be able to go into one. Now the choice is simple: Trash or Recycling!

All  recycled materials must have the recycling logo numbered 1-7 as seen to the right.

Energy Management Systems
Gordon College has converted 95% of its buildings from oil and electricity to natural gas heating. As a result, this has greatly reduced our emission of greenhouse gases and keeps the groundwater safe from heating oil tank leaks.

Current installations of new energy management systems will bring increased comfort, reduce greenhouse gases, and save funds in our energy budgets.

Buildings installed with new energy management systems:

A. J. Gordon Chapel
  Jenks Library
Barrington Center for the Arts
   Lane Student Center
Bennett Center
  Ken Olsen Science Center
Chase Hall
  Phillips Music Center

Work around Campus
Low flow shower heads and toilets continue to be installed across campus as replacements are needed and technology improves. Each gallon of water used in showerheads and toilets costs approximately one cent to purchase and dispose of. The half gallon reduction in each toilet flush and the one gallon per minute shower head flow save a great deal over time.

Chase Hall, at 58,000 sq. ft, 166 students and three classrooms, was constructed on the site of Sheppard Hall, which covered 18,000 sq. ft and housed 90 students. Chase Hall is using about the same energy as the original building.

In conjunction with the Wenham Conservation Commission and with input from state agencies, $250,000 was invested in a wetland restoration project in 2003. This project reclaimed a wetland that had been paved over behind Frost Hall. Twenty-five much needed parking spaces were given up, a drainage system was installed to improve water quality and the wetlands were planted with native wetland species.

Functioning Universal Waste Program
Battery collection stations in dorms and buildings to keep mercury from entering the air or ground water

  • CRT/TV collection
  • Freon system collection and decommissioning
  • Mercury containing light bulb collection and proper disposal
  • Waste oil recycling
  • Chemistry department teaches and uses "Green Chemistry" procedures in the classroom, reducing the amount of hazardous wastes produced.
  • Fryalator oil is turned into bio-diesel for campus use and teaching opportunities

Lighting and Heating Energy Programs
Participation with MA electric and Keyspan have assisted us in the installation of

  • T5 Lighting
  • Super T8 lighting
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Low energy lighting ballasts
  • Energy efficient boilers
  • Day lighting controls
  • Boiler replacements
  • Variable speed drives for large motors

Recently completed lighting projects and yearly savings*

Project Yearly Savings
Bennett pool lighting  
$1,236 per year
Bennett gym lighting 
$5,392 per year
Bennett hall lighting
$1,974 per year
A. J. Chapel lobby lighting $3,888 per year
Frost Hall chandelier 
$534 per year
Tavilla Hall lighting $4,720 per year
Ferrin Hall lighting $3,200 per year
Bromley Hall lighting $1,261 per year
Jenks lighting
$5,518 per yea
Estimated total $27,723 per year

*This is not a complete listing of all the lighting projects completed, but gives a general idea of current savings. For a ten year period these projects alone, would generate a $277,230 savings for Gordon College. This estimate goes up as energy prices increase, but we save money through less lamp changes. The cost of the new light fixtures are offset through our electric company's rebates and energy savings generated. The lights usually pay for themselves in approximately one year.

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