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David Lee

David Lee

Professor of Physics

Chair, Department of Physics

3-2 Engineering Program Coordinator

B.S.E. Princeton University
M.S. California Institute of Technology
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology


Following a 12-year career directing research and development efforts in the materials science industry (thermophysical properties of metastable materials, non-linear acoustics, novel functional inorganic materials, fuel cell and battery technology, metallic glasses, etc.), Dr. Lee accepted a calling to teach undergraduate physics—even as he maintains his research interests and activities in material science.

His 21 US Patents (see Stillpoint Fall 2018, pg 14) range in application and field from sports equipment to tools for pharmaceutical research to the processing and application of metal alloys and ceramics. A career of innovation working with metallic glass alloys, coupled with some keen business sense, has led to initial public offerings for two of Dr. Lee’s collaborative tech start-ups, with others still in active development. During his last sabbatical, Dr. Lee served as President and CTO for Glassimetal Technology, a Caltech-originated startup based in Pasadena, CA. He is currently working with a materials science startup in the Cambridge area. He also continues to serve on Golf Digest’s annual new equipment Hot List technical advisory panel.

Dr. Lee enjoys fly fishing and fly tying, classical music, and the maker culture.