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Advocates For A Sustainable Future

Advocates for a Sustainable Future

Advocates for a Sustainable Future (ASF) seeks to involve Gordon students directly in environmental efforts and education on and around campus by:

  • Promoting awareness of God's mandate for creation care and collective stewardship in order to reverse the effects of environmental degradation and support a sustainable future
  • Providing resources on sustainable living and responsible lifestyle choices to the greater campus community
  • Encouraging conscientious choices concerning daily behavior and use of resources
  • Organizing educational and outreach events to promote environmental awareness and dialogue
  • Exposing environmental degradation as a social justice issue, and providing solutions and outlets for action
  • Working with local churches and communities in local creation care efforts with a vision of effecting change nationally and internationally
  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, and students to promote and maintain a distinctly Biblical stewardship ethic for the College

Upcoming/Ongoing events and projects :

  • Annual Harvest Festival: November 12th
  • Annual Aquarium Trip: December 8th
  • Earth Week April 22–26 
  • Caring for our community garden
  • Supporting the village chickens
  • Continuing the compost in all residence halls
  • Environmental articles in the Tartan 

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What students are saying:

"ASF is really making an effort to reach out to the greater campus community through these events. It's also great to see the beginning of many great collaborations with other sustainably-minded organizations."
—Krista Heilman '15

"What gets me excited about Earth Week this year is the way that it will bring a whole new perspective on the beauty of God's Creation in connection to this year's Symposium. By looking at beauty through the lens of stewardship, we will be able to see how we are an integral part of our natural world and it is an integral part of us. I can't wait to hear Ben Lowe speak about the real way that Christians are responding to the call to steward our planet, not just because we are responsible for it, but because something in all of us can be changed for the better by learning to delight in nature."
—Moira Tescher '16 

"Earth week is a period to share with the community how many of us feel year round. On campus, there are many things being done to minimize our impact and future efforts are limited only by our vision and will. We invite the community to recognize God's character as presented in creation and to worship him through stewardship of the earth."
—Michael Lero '16 

"The ASF is something special. Being involved in a group where students have the drive to collaborate on core environmental and sustainable issues is a beautiful thing. I'm particularly excited about the "plant your own herb day" during Earth week. Even the simple act of enabling students to personalize cultivation can raise both awareness and appreciation for the creation that surrounds us."
—Damaris Gibaldi '16

"I'm looking forward to walking outside and instantly hearing the exotic beats of the recycled rhythms and the contagious energy that comes with crowds of people enjoying the spring weather and doing "green" things like planting herbs. I'm excited about everything, but especially the DANCE, the trash can/truck exhibit, and the environmental chapels (finally!)" 
—Genny King '13

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