Master of Science In Financial Analysis: 3+1 Program

Step beyond the competition to land the opportunities you want. Get your master's degree during your time at Gordon and save two years and 80% of your wallet.

Student at graduation

On graduation day, imagine earning a master's degree while your peers only have an undergraduate credential.

Gordon’s 3+1 Master of Science in Financial Analysis (MSFA) program allows undergraduate students to graduate in four years with both a bachelor’s and master's degree, advancing their career opportunities in a fraction of the time. Our blueprint will leave you prepared to become a leader in finance or business, setting you apart from the competition.

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Save 2 years and 80% compared to a traditional MBA

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Get the opportunities you want

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Fast track your career

A customized career plan, experienced faculty and impactful courses will efficiently propel you toward your career aspirations. You’ll be learning the skills to be a successful leader near one of the largest financial centers in the United States, affording you quality connections to help you achieve your goals faster and more affordably. 

Michael Tucker

I have grown in my time in the MSFA by seeing my career as not only compatible with my faith, but rather as an extension of it. I wanted to do the MSFA because it was designed for students coming out of liberal arts schools and it would allow me to continue building my network within the Gordon finance community.
—Michael Tucker

Anna Mullane

I was attracted to the MSFA program because it is more specialized than an MBA program. The program is cost-effective and will differentiate me from my peers when I enter the workforce, as most students at other institutions will leave with only a bachelor's degree after four years.
—Anna Mullane

Esther Darko

The most unique opportunity the MSFA provided was the ability to be on campus and still be a part of Gordon life during what would have been my last semester if I had not graduated early.
—Esther Darko

How do I get started? 

Any Gordon College undergraduate student can get started in MSFA! Most students take MSFA courses during their final two years at Gordon, so make sure to plan early. Students should connect with us during their first year at Gordon if this program is of interest to them. 

  1. Email your MSFA admissions counselor at  to get started.
  2. Get a class schedule from your MSFA admissions counselor and find a schedule that works for you.
  3. Speak with your Gordon College academic advisor to confirm your four-year academic plan.
  4. Get your career started right!

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