Fast-track your finance, business or nonprofit career online.

Advance your career in only one year—and at one-fifth of the cost of a traditional MBA—with the Gordon College master’s in financial analysis online degree program.

No matter your undergraduate major, Gordon’s online master's in financial analysis degree program is a great MBA alternative that offers a flexible, affordable and rigorous pathway to move up in your current career—or to transition into a new finance, nonprofit or business career. With our Christian values, we also integrate a high level of ethics and responsibility into the financial analysis program curriculum.

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At Gordon, you can optimize your graduate degree for your life. Our online Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree program is an MBA alternative that is adaptable to the busiest of schedules.

You have the option of taking classes part- or full-time depending on your schedule. Flexible start dates and asynchronous online courses enable you to study your way, at your pace.

Online financial analysis courses are taught by faculty who have held a range of financial analysis jobs and are active CEOs, executives, accountants, financial investors, portfolio managers and more. These passionate experts are committed to preparing you for long-term career success in today’s most in-demand business and financial analysis jobs.

Make an impact that matters with a Master of Science in Financial Analysis.

If you’re looking to advance or start your career in business, finance or nonprofit leadership, you may be surprised to learn that other business degrees besides an MBA can give you a distinct career advantage when applying to financial analysis jobs. Pursuing a master's in financial analysis degree is a smart MBA alternative that gives you the in-demand specialization employers seek.

What is financial analysis?

Financial analysis is the examination of financial information, such as cash flows and profitability. This allows organizations to gain insights into their performance and reach informed business decisions.

But financial analysis is so much more. It is also about working with people and helping businesses and nonprofits reach their full potential. To truly stand out in the field, you need deeper learning than what you can find in financial analysis books. Companies and organizations are looking to hire financial analysts who can leverage financial concepts while also adhering to high ethical standards. At Gordon, we integrate faith and financials to equip graduate students with the tools and values they need to reimagine financial analysis in ways that make a positive human impact. Our online graduate program curriculum delves into the theories, research and practical models of leadership in organizations, with an emphasis on business leadership in relation to Christianity and ethical decision-making. All of our courses are hands-on, very practical, and integrate as many case studies as possible.

Why earn your master's in financial analysis at Gordon?

Gordon offers one of the most flexible, time-effective and affordable master’s in financial analysis online programs, without sacrificing rigor. Discover other key ways we stand out, and why students choose our online program as a top MBA alternative.

Multiple start dates

Gordon’s online financial analysis courses start at various points throughout the year so it’s easy for you to begin your degree whenever and wherever is best for your schedule and goals.

Start from a solid foundation

No matter your bachelor's degree or experience, you can apply to Gordon’s master’s in financial analysis online program. Initial online courses get you up to speed with the business fundamentals you need. 

Where finance meets faith

At Gordon, our Christian framework is integrated into our online program curriculum. We believe business and financial analysis jobs can be conduits for social good, stewardship, justice and love.

Michael Tucker

"I wanted to do MSFA because it was designed for students coming out of liberal arts schools and it would allow me to continue building my network within the finance community. It provided tremendous value for the price and the curriculum was modeled after the CFA, which I knew would be important to my career and future employers."

Explore our online financial analysis courses.

Gordon’s 36-credit master of financial analysis online program curriculum is designed to prepare you to stand out in the financial analysis jobs marketplace and be a top candidate for roles that require great analytical skills and fintech expertise. This program also provides strong preparation for CFA, CPA and CMA exams. Courses in Christian Leadership and Ethics in Business also help round out your education and grow your decision-making and leadership skills.

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12-24 Months

Finish your M.S. Financial Analysis in 1 to 2 years.


Our master’s in financial analysis online degree is one-fifth the price of a traditional MBA.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of financial analysts is over $80,000 per year.