Stories from Our Alumni

MSFA Alumni Outcomes

There are tons of graduate programs available to you, but only at Gordon College do you find a flexible, affordable, fast, and high-quality program that launches you toward your dream job. Our students come with different undergraduate degrees and leave as professionals ready to enter or advance in the fields of finance, business, and nonprofit leadership.

Read the stories of our alumni below to learn how we personally invest in every student to ensure they get where they want to go:

Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Current Position: Associate at L.E.K. Consulting

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Education: B.A. in Business Administration and Finance, Gordon College, '19

I wanted to do MSFA because it was designed for students coming out of liberal arts schools and it would allow me to continue building my network within the finance community. It provided tremendous value for the price and the curriculum was modeled after the CFA, which I knew would be important to my career and future employers.

Nadiia Shvedko

Nadiia Shvedko

Current Position: Loan Analyst Consultant for Guidehouse

Hometown: Nikopol Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Education: B.A. in Music and Performance Education, M.Glinka Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Music, '16

While staying in the United States I had time to think, search, and pray about my future career. Through reflections, mentorship, and guidance I decided to pursue graduate education in the field of business. I truly believe that God guided me to MSFA at Gordon College. I found this program a great fit for me and knew that it will be a great place that gives me a start in the finance industry.

Emmanuel Appiah-Mensah

Emmanuel Appiah-Mensah

Current Position: CPA Candidate

Hometown: Ghana, West Africa
Education: B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting, Gordon College, '18

Gordon's program prepared me for the corporate world through the lens of a Christian worldview. I loved everything about the program, from the flexibility of class schedules to the thought-provoking discussions that are grounded in faith-based learning.

Esther Darko

Esther Darko

Current Position: Assurance Staff at EY

Hometown: South Hamilton, Massachusetts
Education: B.A. in Accounting and Economics, Gordon College, '19

My main piece of advice for a student considering MSFA is to figure out their why and to be open to the ways the program will stretch you. Knowing why you are in the program will help get you through the more challenging assignments and classes and keeping an open mind will help you get the most you can from the program. The classes truly cover a broad range of topics in business and there is so much you can learn about finance, business, and life in general, from each of the faculty.

Mary Hudson King

Mary Hudson King

Current Position: Sales Analyst at Southern Crown Partners

Hometown: Charleston, North Carolina
Education: B.A. in Business Administration, Thomas Edison State University, '17

Gordon’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis has provided me with not only rigorous studies, but also hands on experience at a nationally recognized firm in the center of Boston. I graduated with my master’s degree in one year with zero debt, competitive classroom knowledge, practical experience, and a strong network.