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A Bridge Between the Colleges

Pictures tell stories.

This picture taken at Homecoming in 1990 speaks not only of the four men in the picture, but also of the history of the United College of Gordon and Barrington. At one time these four were the Biblical Studies Department at Barrington College.

On the left is Roger Green, who began teaching at Barrington in 1970. His office mate, Terry Fullam, is next to him. Terry was a 1955 Gordon College graduate and a charismatic Episcopal priest; he went to be with the Lord last spring. Next is Bill Buehler, who began teaching at Barrington College in 1964, having just returned from the University of Basel in Switzerland, where he was the last American to complete a doctoral degree under Karl Barth. Standing next to Bill is Marv Wilson, who began teaching at Barrington College in 1963. Bill and Marv shared the office next to Roger and Terry, and an adjoining door between the offices was kept open at all times.

Those were days of wonderful camaraderie, but they were not to last. Terry Fullam followed a calling into the parish ministry. For the other three in the photo, Gordon College called. The first to come to Gordon was Marv Wilson, in 1971. Bill Buehler followed in 1981, and Roger Green came up when Barrington and Gordon merged in 1985. The great fellowship of the three and their spouses was renewed with that merger. 

Marv and Roger have taught together at Gordon ever since. In May, Roger will retire after 42 years of service to the United College of Gordon and Barrington; Marv will remain in harness, at 52 years and counting.


Marv 2