Campus Technology
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Software for Gordon Students and All Gordon-owned Computers

All students attending Gordon pay a technology fee in their tuition. In addition to funding Internet access, wireless, smart classroom technology, Blackboard Course Management System and more, this fee pays for one license of each of the following software titles:

  • The latest Operating System: Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (You must have a previous copy of Windows to install this upgrade; read more about the upgrade).
  • Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2011 for Macintosh (limited to ONE per student) Includes: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and OneNote (OneNote is Windows ONLY)

However, please know that you will be required to pay a very small fee of $10.63 per each copy for the DVD media in which the software is stored. Windows 8 and Microsoft Office CDs will be available at the Center for Technology Services (Jenks 317) starting on the first day of Orientation. The CTS staff can install them for you or you can take the CDs and install them yourself. If you purchase one of the recommended Windows laptops, the software will come loaded on your machine. Software for Gordon-owned computers is always available at the CTS helpdesk.

Adobe Creative Cloud/Other Software Products

Gordon college students, faculty and staff are entitled to special pricing on Adobe Creative Cloud and other selected software products. Orders are handled through e-academy. To order you must have a Gordon College email account. Please click here to place your order.

Free Anti-Virus Software

Gordon recommends avast! Free Antivirus to students, which is for non-commercial home use only. If you are a student attending Gordon College, you may put Avast! Home Edition on your computer as long as it is your personal computer and you are not running a business with your computer. You can download it here. Once you download avast! Free Antivirus, please register here for free.