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Financing Your Education

Gordon College provides a top-rated education that is a valuable investment. We are committed to making opportunity affordable—check out ways Gordon helps finance your education below.

How Much Does it Cost?

The TOTAL ANNUAL AMOUNT of a Gordon education is a combination of Tuition + Fees: $34,390; and Room + Board: $10,430; for a total of $44,820.

However, because over 90% of Gordon students receive financial aid in the form of SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS, it’s important to understand that most of our students do not pay that full amount.

How Can I Cut Down on Costs?

Merit-Based Scholarships

Gordon awards several merit-based scholarships based on academic achievement and excellence. These can be renewed annually, as long as you consistently meet grade point average (GPA) requirements.

For international students who do not take the SAT 1 or ACT with Writing, but opt to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), scholarships will be determined by TOEFL score and strength of academic performance as evidenced in student's academic records and overall application.

International Student Grant
In addition to merit-based scholarships, deserving international applicants are also eligible to receive International Grants based on financial need. To find out how much aid you qualify for, fill out the CSS Profile and International Student Finance Form.

Please note that in order to be considered for full financial aid packaging, students must apply by February 1.

Basic Semester Expenses for 2014–2015

The academic year is divided into two semesters of 15 weeks each. The following rates are per year and are estimates only:

Tuition & Fees (12–18 credit hours)   $34,390
Room and Board (average)   $10,430
Total Educational cost:   $44,820
Additional costs per year  
Health Insurance     $1,600
Discovery Course Fee        $605
Orientation Fee        $100
Studio / Lab Fee        $560
Estimated Total Additional Cost
2014–2015 Total Estimated Educational Cost:  $47,685

It is the responsibility of the student to provide payment for any amount of the estimated expenses not covered by merit-based scholarships or the international student grant. Students can expect to draw from income, savings, assets, and other sponsors.

Students will also be responsible for payment of books, miscellaneous/personal incidentals and travel costs.

After Your First Year at Gordon

As you and your family plan for your semester abroad, keep in mind that colleges and universities increase their total costs each year due to inflation and other factors. Gordon has maintained a minimal increase of approximately 5–6% each year for the past several years. You will be responsible for planning and covering that additional increase in cost since Gordon will be unable to increase your academic scholarship and international grant.