General Academic Support

The Academic Support Center serves the academic needs of all students by providing small-group support for large core courses; a Writing Center with trained, peer tutors; subject tutors for specified courses; specialized academic advising; workshops and one-on-one staff support for time management and study skills.

The ASC also sponsors other events on campus and is dedicated to helping students develop self-awareness as learners and investigate new strategies and techniques for effective academic performance. Professional staff members are available to assist all students with issues related to academic performance and learning disabilities that affect a student's general academic progress.

Subject Tutoring

The ASC hires subject tutors to hold regular tutoring sessions weekly for large core classes. Subject tutors have taken the class for which they tutor, have received a good grade in that class, have been recommended by the professor to the ASC, and, once hired, may sit in on that class and hold review sessions in addition to holding tutoring sessions weekly.

In addition to ASC subject tutors, there are TAs for specific classes who hold office hours, TGC Fellows for The Great Conversation classes, and Writing Center tutors who work with students in all academic disciplines. If you are looking for one-on-one subject help, contact the ASC to either make an appointment with a tutor or find out when a subject tutor is having a review session. If one of your classes has a TA, you can also ask the TA or your professor when the TA will conduct review sessions.

For the updated Subject Tutor Schedule, please click on the link to the right.

One on One Support

Professional staff members in the ASC meet with students one-on-one to explore study habits and strategies, individual learning styles, time management skills, and other issues related to academics. These meetings may occur weekly, monthly, or as often as the counselor and the student see fit. Drop by the ASC or call 978.867.4743 to make an appointment.

To access forms for Time Management, Scheduling, and Planning, please click on the links to the right.


The ASC sponsors workshops throughout the semester that cover topics such as study skills, time management, procrastination, exam preparation, and other topics. Contact the ASC at for more information.


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