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Bryan Auday

Professor of Psychology
Department Chair, Psychology

Dr. Auday joined the Gordon faculty in 1986. His primary research and teaching interests are in neuroscience and cognitive psychology with a particular passion for trying to understand what brain waves (EEG) can tell us about memory and linguistic processing. In 2001 he started a neuroscience minor that offers an interdisciplinary study in psychology, biology, and kinesiology. He received the Distinguished Junior Faculty Award in 1994 and the ... more ➔

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Susan Bobb

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Bobb joined the Gordon faculty in the fall of 2015, coming from Northwestern University where she had been a Research Associate working on the neural correlates of bilingual language processing and cognitive control. Dr. Bobb’s research program is broadly developmental, using both behavioral methods (e.g., eye-tracking; response times) and neuroscience methods (e.g., EEG) to investigate the process of learning a first or second langu ... more ➔

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Kaye Cook

Professor of Psychology

Kaye Cook is interested in moral and spiritual development and, with the help of psychology majors interested in doing research, is currently using interview studies to explore the everyday understandings of morality by Cambodian Buddhists and Christians. She is also working on a project exploring Christian college students' spirituality and how spirituality is affected by the shifts in social networks that occur with graduation. Kaye has ... more ➔

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Jonathan Gerber

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Gerber came to Gordon College in 2010. He began his teaching and research career in Australia where he received a Ph.D for experimental work on interpersonal rejection. He is interested in the ways that repeated exposure to a social situation influences immediate and long-term perception. He also conducts meta-analyses of social psychological phenomena, especially¬†coolness¬†and rejection. He is teaching social psychology, personality, resea ... more ➔

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Bert Hodges

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Hodges teaches courses in cognitive, social, and theoretical psychology, as well as introductory and cross-cultural psychology. He has been on the faculty since 1972 and received the Senior Distinguished Faculty Award in 1997. He also serves as Senior Research Scientist at the University of Connecticut.

His research is both empirical and theoretical, focusing particularly on developing an ecological account of values, and explori ... more ➔

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Kelly Plosker

Adjunct in Psychology

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