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The liberal arts curriculum of Gordon College is enriched by the Convocation program. In its various forums and presentations, the Convocation program underscores the great traditions of the liberal arts to promote inquiry and the love of learning and to encourage moral reflection and responsible citizenship. Through its Convocations, Gordon helps sustain a community where, in the words of the great Christian writer St. Augustine, "faith seeks understanding." Read More >>

12.05.2014 - Friday 10:25 AM — 11:15 AM

Convocation: Brynn Harrington and Michal-Beth Dinkler

Michal-Beth Dinkler and Brynn Harrington will be speaking on shame and authenticity as it relates to this years

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Michal-Beth Dinkler, professor at Yale Divinity is an scholar on New Testament studies. She has recently written a book Silent Statements: Narrative Representations of Speech and Silence in the Gospel of Luke (2013) which focuses on the importance of silence within the gospel narrative. Brynn Harrington is an associate pastor at Highrock Church in Salem, MA. She has her Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell and is also interested in the role of shame and silence. These two women happen to be sisters and we are excited to welcome them to our campus and look forward to what they have to share with us.

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